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The materials published on this website are of a general nature and have been provided for informational purposes only. Deciding what to feed your baby can be challenging as parents aim to make it yummy yet nutritious. Deciding what to feed your baby can be challenging, especially as many parents strive to give their little one yummy and nutritious treats.
Step 1 - Heat the oil in a medium saucepan and add the leeks and garlic and fry until softened. Step 3 - Gradually add a little (approx 100ml at a time) of the water stirring all the time. Step 6 - Mash or whizz in a blender to suit your baby's texture requirements - if you need the rice to be sloppier, then just add some milk.
Step 1 - Make sure the liver is free from any vessels (these will not be very pleasant for your baby as they are difficult to chew and will not blend very easily). Step 2 - Soak the livers in milk to absorb the bitter flavours half an hour before cooking. Step 3 - Mix the black pepper and mixed spice with the flour and roll the liver in the mixture.
Step 4 - Heat up the oil in a pan and add the onions, pepper, carrots and mushrooms and saute until slightly brown. Step 6 - Add the liver to the pan and cook for a further 10 minutes, making sure the liver doesn't dry out. Step 1 - For the compote: Place all the ingredients in a pan and simmer until the fruits are tender.
Step 2 - For the porridge: Combine the oats, milk vanilla extract in a pan and stir over a medium heat until thick. Coming up with new ideas for meals can be hard, and it is really easy to get stuck in a rut.

To help give you some ideas of healthy meals for your little ones I took pictures of everything I made for Grace to eat this week with a couple of exceptions. Make a conscious effort to offer healthy meals - Nutrition is very important to me in my own life, and I try very hard to be conscious of what I put into my own body. Find a great resource - I get ideas for meals from all over the web, but I love Little Grazers website.
Cut corners where you can - I make most of Grace's food from scratch, but I do rely on frozen vegetables quite a bit. Make meals ahead of time - I often throw lunch for the next day in the oven when I am done making dinner.
When we first introduced Grace to solid food at the age of 5 months we did so following the baby led weaning method. We also offer Grace snacks though out the day when she signs for food or seems grumpy for no particular reason.
Always consult your medical practitioner or a qualified health provider for any further advice in relation to the topics discussed.
To help you out, Organix shares three healthy, delicious and fun recipes that are easy to prepare and tasty too.
I believe that good nutrition helps keep a person healthy, both physically and mentally, so naturally, it is important to me to cultivate Grace's palette towards healthy and nutritionally-rich foods. I found it when we began baby led weaning with Grace and have been using their recipes ever since. It is much easier to throw some frozen vegetables in the microwave for 30 seconds instead of steaming a whole head of broccoli, especially when your child is screaming for food. When I make pancakes I always make a big batch and have Grace eat them throughout the week for quick breakfasts before classes.
The premiss behind baby led weaning is that children learn healthy eating habits by being in charge of their own food.

I try very hard to make Grace three real-food meals a day, but often come up short on ideas and time.
Instead of spoon feeding a child purees, you give them large chunks of table foods that they can pick up, lick, and explore. However, she does get three 8 oz bottles of formula a day as well; one when she wakes up, one at nap time, and one a bedtime.
In the past month I have started to collect different recipes in the hopes to vary her meals as much as possible. Even though there is no history of food allergies in our family I am terrified of Grace having a nut allergy. These statistics coupled with the fact that children learn their eating habits early in life are what keep me motivated to continue busting my butt in the kitchen everyday. It is very important to me to expose her to as many different flavors and textures as I possibly can in the hopes of continuing her good eating habits. At the rate I am going we will be standing in the ER parking lot when she tries her first bite of peanut butter, and I really, really do not want to be that mom. The hope is that they will become less picky eaters and learn to follow their own body's cues when they are full. Remember that formula or breast milk is still the child's main source of nutrition until they are a year old.
Because baby led weaning has a heavy emphasis on self-feeding the child gets to practice their hand eye coordination, chewing, and motor skills before their traditionally fed counterparts.

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