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These oven baked tostadas are a complete meal, and will have dinner on the table in just ten minutes - they are so yummy! These oven baked tostadas are a complete meal and will have dinner on the table in just ten minutes and are so yummy! Layers of corn tortillas, spicy tomato sauce, and chicken filling slow-cooked for a unique twist on an oven-baked family favorite. There must be a lot of seven-layer dip fans because these Seven-Layer Tostadas have been pinned more than 206K times and this recipe has been a hit with everyone who's tried it.

Quick and Easy 30 Minute Chicken Parmesan with a gluten free option - I've blogged 1300 recipes over the years but this is still my kid's favorite meal. You can find tostada shells in the grocery store, or you can create your own by crisping up corn tortillas in hot oil in a skillet. This would be perfect for Cinco de Mayo, or any time you want a quick and easy vegetarian meal.
They couldn't care less about my latest brilliant dinner recipe idea, they get most excited by their tried and true favorites and this one has to be on the menu at least every couple of weeks or else!

I use low-carb tortillas that are crisped in the toaster oven, but if you don't care about that using pre-cooked corn tortillas for the base would make it even faster to get on the table.

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