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If you've never made one, you're in for a treat: these Easter Bunny cake ideas are the perfect centerpiece for your Easter dinner table. Full-body bunny cake: These elegant little bunnies, each made with one layer of a coconut-flavored layer cake and covered in rich cream cheese frosting and coconut, will inspire ooh and aahs from guests of any age. Bunny head cake recipe: Made with a ultra-moist vanilla cake and creamy vanilla frosting (and the easiest of these Easter bunny cake ideas), this fun and silly bunny cake is the one kids will go nuts over-- and love to help decorate. Each Easter bunny cake idea and recipe includes different ingredients and instructions for homemade cakes and frosting.
While I love both of the Easter Bunny cakes on this page, I think these little bunnies are the cutest and most elegant. Another cute tasty Easter bunny cake idea: For a wonderful look and some extra flavor, toast your coconut for a "brown" bunny. Put one brown and one white bunny on a tray surrounded by green coconut "grass." It's surprisingly realistic! This cake recipe makes a moist, buttery yellow cake that's just wonderful, along with a tasty vanilla buttercream frosting.

Ugly Bunny I cant really say I'm proud of my bunny cake because it turned out a little ugly. Bunny Head Cake with Strawberries I put a layer of strawberry puree down at the bottom of the cake and decorated my bunny head with strawberry eyes.
Sam's First Easter Bunny Cake I used a pound cake recipe just to be different and since Sam is only 6 months old and can't actually eat the cake.
Easter Cake with Rabbits I love the idea of the whole bunny cake and think it looks really elegant. My Bowtie Easter Bunny I was making this Mr Bunny cake for a kids party so I wanted lots and lots of color!!
Pink Bunny Cake Last year I did this funny little bunny cake with my boyfriend for a party with friends.
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Take a look at Easter Dinner and Party Planning for recipes, edd dye tips, assembling Easter baskets, and more!

The cakes might not taste the same, but they'll still look great and really please your guests.
In a large mixing bowl, cream together the sugar and shortening until fluffy and well mixed with an electric mixer. To make frosting easier, place cut cake pieces in the freezer about an hour before frosting.
Surround your Easter bunny cake on a tray with green coconut grass and chocolate eggs or jellybeans, if desired. To make the cake easier to frost, freeze cut cake pieces about 1 hour (you can freeze your "head" layer, too, if you like).
The toasted coconut made an awesome brown color for our brown little bunny, and the green coconut was great as grass.

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