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This beautiful SUMMER DINNER PARTY + SUMMER SOIREE was submitted by Alison English of The English Pea. This summer dinner party looks so simple and chic. It has so many cute ideas that I just love.
Alicia wanted to go with deep eggplants and silvers for her color pallet and everything looked lovely. The menu was carefully prepared by Alicia and her husband who own a catering company, Lovable Foods. On the menu were Salmon Sliders with Asian Slaw, Coconut Shrimp, and chilled Cucumber Soup.
Alicia also wanted to use a Menu Card that complimented the whole ensemble along with drink cards for their popular line up of beverages. Everyone has allergies these days, so ask before they awkwardly spill the beans about being Gluten-free or Vegetarian. Slow roast, soak, deglaze, crock pot everything either the night before or the day of your party. Make a DIY drink station in the kitchen or living room so people feel welcome to break the ice.
Having a selection of snacks set around helps breaks the ice by giving people something to do. If people are bringing over prepared dishes, make sure you have room in your oven to heat them up. If your friends have a drink in hand they are happy to wait while you toss things together to eat.
Keep your place around 74 degrees, the ladies will drop their jackets and show off cocktail dresses. Sangiovese, Tempranillo, Nero d’Avola and Primitivo are wonderful red wines for pizza.

If you freeze taper candles before burning them they are less likely to drip and make a mess. If you’re throwing a medieval party you should be looking into music from Gesualdo and Johannes Ockeghem. Unless you have a degree in pastry, look to professionals for the perfect cake or confection. Late night diners indulge, so bring out your heavy hitting wines like Zinfandel, Shiraz, Amarone and Priorat from Spain. Choose wines from the same region your dinner is focused on in order to make a perfect match. Let’s be fair to our veggie friends and throw a dinner in their honor with an all-veggie feast. If you have sensitive diners, get your friends to list the ingredients of each dish on a little card. Join thousands of enthusiasts who subscribe to the most entertaining weekly wine newsletter online.
Decorating for a dinner party gives the host or hostess a way to incorporate his or her style into the event. Centerpieces: Create centerpieces for each table and consider giving them away to guests at the end of the dinner party.
Room Decorations: Simple room decorations for any party theme include groups of balloons and streamers. Dinner party decorating can be fun to organize and execute and is a wonderful opportunity to get together with friends and family, and try new recipes!
I chose to transpose the graphics on both the menu card and the drink cards so that gorgeous eggplant was really shown. Simple bouquets with flowers one could find at their local grocer were hand cut and neatly arranged in little mason jars.

If your friend is a serious Bordeaux lover, pick out a great white Bordeaux or Cremant de Bordeaux so their red wine will shine.
The kind of thing where people come in at random times and expect to become well-fed and inebriated. Create a tropical paradise or masquerade ball right in your living room or venue of your choice. Some great examples of themes include a luau, sports team, tropical paradise, 80s decade, masquerade ball, holiday or clambake.
Other unique touches were the lanterns, the beverage cart outside on the patio, and the glasses labeled with chalk.
For example, for a tropical themed dinner party, incorporate the colors blue, pink and orange.
For tropical themed dinner party decor, visit your local florist and select a simple arrangement of exotic flowers made up of orchids, birds of paradise and heliconia. For a tropical theme build a tiki bar in the corner of the room, and decorate it with Hibiscus flowers and cocktails.
Visit your local party store or search online for napkins with tropical flowers or the motif of your choice. Decorate the rest of the room with artificial palm trees, lanterns, pineapples and tropical fish made of tissue paper.

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