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You will be treated and served in style -with all the little extra’s you would receive while being in first-class. You may dress as one of my guests on this gorgeous flight or come as one of my air hostesses or pilots.
So over the years I have learnt that good service and fine dining can create such a special evening! Now that my starter and main courses are pretty much finalised (I think I’ve given away more than enough clues so you should have some inkling of what’s on the menu for the evening ) I know I need to end it off with a bang and give my fellow foodies something delectable to satisfy the sweet teeth I know they all have! I’ve watched a few of these competition cooking shows and the guests never seem more disappointed than when they are served a boring dessert like fresh fruit kebabs or rice pudding at the end of the evening!  Seriously, who wants to eat a plain bowl of chopped up fruit on its own or more starch after you’ve just had a heavy main course? As the saying goes, “a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips,” but dessert is the one chance you have to indulge in something naughty, but oh so delightful – and the best thing is that you only have to feel guilty about it the next morning! So in order to avoid underwhelming my guests on the evening, I know just the trick… CHOCOLATE!
Milk, white or dark; balls, wafers or eclairs; fondants, cakes or souffles – what’s not to love? I’ve researched and prepped a few starter options already, but seem to have overlooked one of the most influential components of the evening – the main course! This was a tough one.  Some of my fellow foodies have already done pasta, fillet steak, and chicken, so my goal is to give my guests something different that they haven’t had before. Although there are so many chicken variations out there, my main concern with this type of meat is that it tends to cook dry very easily and I certainly don’t want them chugging down a jug of water after each bite they take. So what about pork?  Well I know one of the foodies in the group isn’t a big pork fan and I don’t want this small detail to impact on the score I receive at the end of the night.
Now I’m no pasta maker, and I can’t necessarily go and serve the foodies some store-bought pasta, can I foodie #1?
As I Google a recipe that is bound to make me the winner, I come across so many variations (too many to choose from if you ask me!). On the other hand, beef can be cooked to perfection as tender medallions with sauteed potatoes, slow-roasted rolled beef stuffed with peppers, spinach and goats cheese, or even as a goulash served with crushed potatoes.  The options seem endless! As I prepare to claim the coveted title of “ultimate foodie” I need to keep in mind that the dish not only needs to taste and look good, but also match the evening’s theme and blow the foodies away! I’ve always been a lover of seafood – prawns, mussels, calamari, fish, you name it!  So I thought it’s only fitting that I include one of the above seafood types in my final menu for the night. After giving it some thought, it crossed my mind that the worst thing that could happen is if the seafood is off (i.e. One of my favourite seafood dishes is definitely salmon.  Without fail if I see smoked salmon on a menu at a restaurant, you can bet your money that I’ll order it! Sushi, smoked, pan seared, baked or even salmon cakes, it is definitely one of the nicest fish variations out there and there’s so much you can do with it.

So with all the different methods of preparing a salmon dish for my guests, how do I choose the best one?  Maybe it’s best to go with a combination of them all?
If I do end up making use of salmon on my menu, I’d like to prepare a dish that incorporates a variety of textures, tastes and flavours, while still keeping the main ingredient consistent throughout.  Perhaps the best option is a trio of salmon so that I combine a variety of elements and also ensure that my fellow diners are all satisfied.   A salmon overload! So which three cooking options will I choose for this dish?  I’ve said too much already so now only time will tell – my lips are sealed! Many would agree that the most important component of a three-course dinner is, of course, the main meal.  I sometimes think that the starter you serve your guests is actually a bigger focal point of the evening as it sets the tone for what’s still to come.
As I know it’s a sure winner, I contemplated making a quiche again this time around because there’s so much variety available and no two quiches are the same!  You can make a chicken and mushroom combination, a vegetarian option such as spring onion and feta, or even a tuna and leek combination for the seafood-lover. Core ingredient(s) – in this case, I used bacon, feta and mushrooms but feel free to add whatever your heart desires! Fry the chopped onion in some olive oil and once brown, add the diced bacon, mushrooms and chopped garlic and allow to cook. This recipe is a guaranteed appetite-satisfier and can be served warm with some oven roasted vegetables or even cold with a crisp, green salad on the side. And then it came to me!  We’d always discussed this possibility, and the girls in the group even vowed to do this themed dinner after leaving high school – a chance to dress to the nines and don our matric dance dresses one last time – but this plan never materialised. So, for the fourth installment of our series, my theme for the evening will be… Glitz and glam!
A chance for the guys to dust off their suits and square tip shoes, and a chance for the ladies to wear fancy dresses, high heels and of course, lots of bling!  Who doesn’t like the chance to get all dressed up for a night out? I tried out this recipe last night, and it is super tasty for something easy with minimal effort involved – perfect for a Friday or Sunday night supper!
Add the tomatoes, bacon and half of the basil to the roasting tray, and bake for another 30 minutes.
I served it with jasmine rice, but you could simplify your life even more by using cous cous. I planned to make my main meal the night before, like most stews and curries, the tajines flavours and spices would infuse and be come more aromatic and taste exceptional the day after.
While they were getting settled round the table, I grilled the chops, and plated my starter. They were a little bit too on the rare side of medium-rare, but apparently thats how the Foodies like it. I prepared the mains into the two tajines, one with the chicken and the other with the couscous.
I must thank my favourite restaurant in Cape Town for my tajines and helping set the morrocan mood.
We aren’t exactly enjoying fall weather yet in LA, but we *are* decidedly in a very fall mood suddenly.

You may have spotted a few snaps from that night on Instagram, but if not don’t worry. We never miss an opportunity to throw a party, and the idea that this dinner would raise over 1,000 meals towards FEED’s goal made it all the more special. Whoa Nelly created an amazing spread of passed hors d’oeuvres, a cheese platter, and yummy plated supper. Our friend and dinner guest Ellen provided her awesome aprons for the kitchen and wait staff.
To see our inspiration for this party and plan one of your own (hello, perfect inspiration for a holiday meal!), you can click over to our guest post on the FEED blog here.
If you’d like to host your own FEED Supper this week or next, it’s totally not too late! I am going to focus on ambiance, food presentation, little special extra’s, good service and meals that are going to leave a lasting impression! I mixed crumbed feta, red onion, fresh coriander and lemon rind into the couscous to add to the flavour. This time of year we love to gather around a table to share delicious food and drinks, whether it’s for a major holiday or just to celebrate the change in seasons. You can visit their site to learn everything you need to know about hosting your own dinner, including links to purchase decor. My mom taught me to be gentle and relax while cooking, as well as how to cover up your mistakes. Take a large spooful of the tomato sauce form the roasting tray, and mix it into the cream mixture. Slicing red onion and oranges for my starter salad, making my bread pudding mixture to soak the bread in before prepping them into ramekins, ready for the oven, all while watching my two and a half hours turn into zero.
When FEED Projects asked us if we might want to participate in their FEED Supper initiative this month, we naturally jumped at the chance to host a party of our own to raise money for such a mighty cause. My dad and my step mom gave me my best hobby yet: From a young age we went to some of the top restaurants and soon we understood how to appreciate flavours.
I keep thinking my guests would starved and so dished each quite a healthy portion; it turns out that a chicken tajine with couscous can be quite a lot of food. My Portuguese grandparents introduced wonderful European flavours into our cooking, although I still cannot cook paella or bacalao like them. My Portuguese aunty is probably the best baker I know – she should really quit her job and open her own cute little bakery.

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