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You don't have to be a short-order cook to create meals in a hurry, but we can all learn some culinary wisdom from those who can prepare hundreds of meals in a single day. Tip 2: Read the recipe through ahead of time so you know everything thata€™s going to happen. Cutting an onion before you start to cook is actually a time-saver; cutting it after the cooking has already begun wastes timea€”you have to take the skillet off the heat, then heat it back up when youa€™re done chopping.
That being said, remember that quick cooking is about getting maximal results in minimal time.

Lay a piece of nori down so the shiny side is facing the bamboo mat and the rough side is facing up. So, for instance, if a recipe calls for cooking an ingredient first, make use of that cooking time to get other prep work done. Once it is the perfect raindrop shape, use your sharpest knife to cut the roll into 6 or 8 pieces.
Place two side by side (if you want you can use a little wasabi to help them stick together) to make a cute heart.

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