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Save time and money with my best-selling Freezer eCookbooks.Looking for summer dinner ideas?
Moms are always asking me what we eat, and how I manage to cook 5-6 nights a week with 2 little ones (plus being pregnant with baby #3).
If you’re looking for more dinner ideas, check out the blog post that I wrote about meal planning for two weeks at a time to see what we ate in February.
In our house, we share our weekly dinner menu on the DIY framed chalkboard hanging in our kitchen. When you're considering family dinner parties ideas, you might have to stop and think a little about how to put things together-- after all, we live in an ever-moving society where people don't often get to sit down for special family meals! But it's really fun to turn a regular ol' family meal into a fancy or whimsical occasion around your dinner table! Well, step one when looking for family dinner parties ideas is figuring out where you're going to serve the food, of course! Of course, you can always choose to have a special family dinner party inside-- just be sure you've got plenty of seating space for everyone. Your next step in working through any family dinner parties ideas is to think about the date or event. Whether you're coming up with family dinner party ideas to fit with a special event --like a birthday-- or just want to get the family together for a special meal, there is one BEST way to make it feel special: Pick a theme!
No matter how great your family dinner parties ideas are, you've got to be able to pay for them! Of course, when you're planning a special family meal, most of the family dinner parties ideas you're searching for are going to revolve around food. Fortunately, all of that is easily solved when you start off with a theme for a family dinner.
One fun and meaningful way to approach your family dinner parties ideas is looking to traditional food that your family already treasures. I love making this recipe for a family dinner, because it's tasty, kid-approved, and takes very little time to put together-- leaving you to focus on some fun side dishes with the kids! Hint: One of my favorite family dinner parties ideas for this dish it to change the apple out for a wide variety of fruits.

As you can see from this example, your family dinner parties ideas don't need to be complex to be satisfying, filling, and a lot of fun to eat. Sign up for my free newsletter, and get a free e-cookbook or other fun download sent right to your inbox every month.
Take a look at Easter Dinner and Party Planning for recipes, edd dye tips, assembling Easter baskets, and more!
After all, what better way to pass on your knowledge than to share it with other hosts and hostesses?
Golf clubs, country clubs and other membership venues are happening places during the holidays with parties and weddings. This week we bring you an example of how you can promote your club during the holidays from a MustHaveMenus customer – Rachel Kehm, the assistant manager at Aronimink Golf Club in Newton Square, Pa.
Plus, she has some great tips on using MHM flyers and menus to customize your club promotions. Rachel: We will do some different specials for Happy Hour in our new pub during the holidays. Let’s jump into how Rachel uses MustHaveMenus menus and flyers to promote their events to members and to customize the experience during individual events.
Rachel says they chose MustHaveMenus for their design needs because they needed an easy way to create menus and special event flyers in-house, and they needed a wide variety. Because the Aronimink Club has so many smaller events each week, they print customized menus on a weekly basis.
Rachel says with the volume of menus they customize, MHM gives them designer-quality results at a much more affordable cost. Rachel says they devote two pages of the newsletter to small ads using MHM images and templates. Rachel says that they often scale MHM flyers to poster size to promote events and services at the club. Amanda Brandon got her start in food working takeout for a busy BBQ restaurant—alone—on her first day. Whether you stay at home with your kids or are in an office from 9 to 5, the dinnertime rush is one of the great challenges of being a mom.

Carys Tait paints one of the Gromit sculptures, of around 70, some of which have been painted by celebrity artists, including, Cath Kidston and Richard Williams, before they are placed around the city for public view as part of charity initiative arts trail, on April 19, 2013 in Bristol, England. Mashebane also said this week that Mandela will likely be unable to meet with Barack Obama when the U.S.
During summer, it's fun to eat outdoors together, and the natural backdrop gives you a completely different option in decorating than the indoors does. Those recipes that have been handed down from grandma --those specialties that everyone craves even when it's not a holiday-- are good places to begin. Marinate the chicken breast over night with the juice or cider, vinegar, brown sugar and salt. Cook chicken over a medium heat until the internal temperature reaches 165 degrees of the juice of the chicken runs clean.
She discusses how clubs can use different marketing materials including flyers, email blasts and newsletters to communicate with their memberships. She spent the next four years at McAlister's Deli, while completing her journalism degree at the University of Mississippi. We're always on the lookout for inventive, healthy, and easy ways to tackle mealtime, and with the changing seasons, our food preferences tend to follow suit. The next stop was a dual role as the managing editor of PMQ Magazine (a pizza trade) and as the publicist for the U.S. Nurture your entire family this week — the first week of Fall — next week, and beyond with 20 of our favorite ideas for hearty Fall dinners. For example, if it's someone's birthday then you can make food that person likes for your key offerings.
Since 2005, she has worked in marketing, freelance writing and social media for a number of industries including restaurants.

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