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Nikki Stroud is a real bride who is learning every step of the way when it comes to wedding planning. Asparagus, Goat Cheese and Lemon Pasta: This recipe from Smitten Kitchen sounds right up my alley! She and her fiancé, Corey Allan (both Ball State alums), will be married in September of 2012 in front of their friends and family in Indianapolis.
First, we'll start with some simple changes, like switching to whole wheat pasta, ordering half-tomato, half-Alfredo sauce to cut calories and drinking more H20.

Sure, zucchini tastes nothing like pepperoni, but it’s a flavorful vegetable that adds substance to your pizza. My dad has an amazing chili recipe, but it's filled with noodles, beef and broth (plus, I top it with an embarrassing amount of cheese!).
Glittering ivory lights, exposed plumbing and sleek wood floors depict their romantic yet rustic venue in the Downtown area. I am also going to try cooking more healthy recipes, including the following yummy options.

This vegetarian chili recipe is packed with corn, tomatoes, peppers and tons of spices, so it's just as tasty as it is healthy. The couple hopes to incorporate personal touches to make the celebration truly reflect their relationship.

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