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The Cat Health Guide is not intended to replace the advice of a Veterinarian or other Health Professional.
Chronic renal (kidney) failure in cats is a common problem as pets age, especially those who have been fed a diet of primarily dry cat food. Cat food specifically tailored for the needs of cats with renal failure should contain high-quality protein to minimize strain on kidneys. Low-protein foods may use cooked brown rice as a base, with addition of high-quality omega-3-rich fish oils, vitamin E, and a bit of brewer's yeast for flavor and nutrients. Once the cat will take the base food, gradually add chopped vegetables for fiber and nutrients.
If kidney failure is not far advanced or is improving, high-quality protein is a better option than low-protein, which may make wasting and malnutrition worse over time. Normally a cat would eat fish, birds and small rodents that have partially digested greens, seeds and other vegetable matter in their crops, stomachs and intestines.

Try chicken hearts and gizzards, egg and ground turkey mixed with wheatgrass juice or spirulina, non-dairy probiotic and enzyme supplements, and alfalfa sprouts. UK, Channel Islands, N Ireland, Highlands and Islands - Standard delivery arrives 2-3 days after dispatch or for heavy parcels Courier next day after dispatch Mon-Thu.Europe - Royal Mail International Services or Courier arrives 7-10 days after dispatch. Express delivery arrives 1-2 days after dispatch or for heavy parcels Courier 1-2 days after dispatch Mon-Thu. At first it might even be important to feed a low-protein diet, depending on the animal's illness and the vet's recommendations.
Steamed mashed carrots, potato peelings, frozen peas, and fresh spinach or kale may be acceptable. To tempt cats with a piece of raw chicken gizzard, wave it around as though it were alive and moving before tossing it to the cat. The diet contains low levels of high quality protein to limit the formation of urine by-products which can be harmful to cats with kidney and urinary tract problems.

If you have an urgent question we suggest using this online cat veterinary answer service that is available 24 hours a day. Baby food, while not formulated with nutrients cats need, is sodium-free and may be used to improve calorie intake. The food also contains increased levels of Omega-3 fatty acids to improve bloodflow to the kidneys.
The food should also be low-sodium and contain omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E to slow disease progression.

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