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Since the 1980s, my soda of choice (when Pennsylvania Dutch Birch Beer is not available, and it rarely is) is Diet Coke.

One of the treatments my neurologist has recommended (he was happy to write me a medical marijuana prescription, which is legal in Maryland though unfortunately we don’t have any dispensaries) is going on the Migraine Diet. I learned with absolute horror a few years ago that Diet Coke was the only other dietary staple that causes headaches for me. I was in the Old Executive Office Building at the White House, where I was interning in then-First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton’s office (long story for another day). If I am in a fast food restaurant or at the movies where you pour your own drink, I stare longingly at the Diet Coke.
You have to cut out one potentially-migraine-inducing thing at a time from your diet for a few weeks and see if you still get the slamming headaches.

Cheese, wine, chocolate, Chinese food… there are different food triggers for different people.
This was fine with me, since there are no sulfites in Single Barrel Jack Daniels, which is what I prefer to drink anyway. I had only been drinking one can a day, so I never would’ve thought that counted as an addiction.

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