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Father's Day is just around the corner which means that my Sunday Supper family is making sure we are all prepared to pamper dads everywhere. There were so many wonderful lessons learned at Food Wine Conference 2016 and one of them inspired this Chocolate Brownie Bundt Cake.
You already know how much I love my Sunday Supper Family and when Isabel Laessig puts together the Food Wine Conference, it is nothing less than a stellar event.
Enjoy these healthy dessert recipes made with honey, maple syrup and more kinds of sweeteners.
Growing up I loved the smell of freshly baked challah in my maternal great-grandmother’s kitchen, the incredible butter cookies from my paternal grandmother and the perfect pies my mother used to bake when company came over.

Throughout the journey of making all the dishes, clicking pictures and documenting each step, editing the photos to publish and writing recipe step by step, word by word has not been an easy endeavour however I am glad I begin this journey. Whether it is Juices, Milkshakes, Indian curries, Indian bread recipes, Soup, Salad and many more. I must confess, this website was started as a simple log book where I keep track of recipes I cook and experiment. However since its inception the goal has significantly altered its course and now the website has become more then what it intended to be.So many visitors, so many likes, so many comments. In this course of enlightenment I started translating recipes in regional Indian language viz Hindi and Gujarati.

Most of the dessert we make have a lengthy process that we feel lazy to make but this is so simple that even kids can make and enjoy.Generally every recipe that I have published has step by step instructions with image.

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