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Click on the title of a recipe or the photo of a dish to read the full recipe on its author's blog. I've frequently made this mung bean sweet soup or 'tong sui' during this crazy, hazy weather but this is the first time that I'm serving it with freshly shredded jackfruit or ??? ? . Cooking: 40 min Hi Friends, Today I am sharing with you a popular sweet Malpua recipe with a little twist. If you publish original recipes on your blog and want them listed on Very Good Recipes, submit your blog! In general, most of the traditional desserts for Easter that you'll come across will be light, sweet tributes to spring. Easter desserts are also often shaped like spring flowers, rabbits, lambs, bird nests, hats, baskets, eggs and crosses to celebrate rebirth and renewal. Some dessert ideas for Easter honor the source of this Christian holiday with Jesus' rebirth.
Easter traditions vary from country to country, but some classic dessert offerings stand out. While flavorful, classic, and traditional desserts for Easter are really wonderful, playful desserts cannot be overlooked-- because they're a ton of fun!
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Take a look at Easter Dinner and Party Planning for recipes, edd dye tips, assembling Easter baskets, and more! Register to discover and share recipes with other bloggers and readers passionate about cooking. If you wish to republish this recipe, please rewrite the recipe in your own unique words and link back to the recipe on Cooking and Cooking. These Easter dessert ideas burst with spring colors in pale pastel pinks, soft greens, buttery yellows and sky blues.
Sweets and candies for Easter can include chocolate, but often the focus is on fresh citrusy flavors, spring fruits, and playful presentations. This layered dessert combines light vanilla cake with fresh whipped cream and ripe strawberries.
Lemon curd is a thick, creamy and tart cream that embodies lightness and freshness for spring. Cupcakes are always traditional desserts for Easter, and there are tons of fun ideas for things to do with Easter cupcakes! Favorite desserts for Easter are light, airy and generally served cool-- probably because that is like the weather surrounding the season! Lemon curd is a traditional Easter favorite partially because it can be spread on cookies, used to fill pies or added to tarts.

Considered mostly an American specialty, Strawberry Rhubarb pie combines the sweetness of fresh fruit with the tart stems of the rhubarb plant for a bright red dessert. While nearly any dessert can be molded into symbolic forms, making chocolate candy nests is probably the most popular form. Fruits are often served with a simple sweet dip or layered on top of cakes and pies, as with this simple and delicious fruit tart.
To make the nests chocolate is mixed with coconut, cereal, or oatmeal and formed into nests.
Easter tables aren't complete without some of these time-honored traditional desserts for Easter. Because it's not overly sweet, this is a traditional dessert for Easter that adults love, too.

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