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Cheesecake is a dessert consisting of a topping made of soft, fresh cheese, usually on a crust or base made from biscuit (such as a graham cracker crust), pastry or sponge cake.[1] They may be baked or unbaked. Whether cheesecake should be classified as a cake, a custard, a torte, or something else is a matter of debate. North America has several different recipes for cheesecake and this usually depends on the region in which the cake was baked, as well as the cultural background of the person baking it.[11] These cheesecakes are typically baked before serving. Pennsylvania Dutch-style cheesecake uses a slightly tangy type of cheese with larger curds and less water content, called pot or farmer's cheese. Philadelphia-style cheesecake is lighter in texture, yet richer in flavor than New York-style cheesecake. Farmer's cheese cheesecake is the contemporary implementation for the traditional use of baking to preserve fresh cheese, and is often baked in a cake form along with fresh fruit like a tart. Country-style cheesecake uses buttermilk to produce a firm texture while decreasing the pH (increasing acidity) to extend shelf life. Lactose-free cheesecake may be made either with lactose-free cream cheese or as an imitation using vegan recipes combining non-dairy cream cheese alternatives with other lactose-free ingredients.
Savory cheesecakes are also made, often for an hors d'oeuvre or served with accompanying salads. In the United Kingdom and Ireland, cheesecake is typically made with a base of crushed, buttered biscuits and often topped with a fruit compote. German-style cheesecake (Kasekuchen, Quarkkuchen, Matzkuchen; Topfenkuchen in Austria) uses quark. Bulgarian-style cheesecake uses cream cheese in a New York-style filling and smetana for a top layer. Ancient Roman-style cheesecake uses honey and a ricotta-like cheese along with flour and is traditionally shaped into loaves.
Polish sernik (cheesecake), one of the most popular desserts in Poland, is made primarily using twarog, a type of fresh cheese.
In Argentina cheesecake is usually served with strawberry or another berry marmalade on top.
Colombian cheesecake uses honey or panela and cuajada (curd) mixed with wheat or maize flour. Asian-style cheesecake flavors include matcha (powdered Japanese green tea), lychee and mango. Japanese-style cheesecake relies upon the emulsification of cornstarch and eggs to make a smooth flan-like texture and almost plasticine appearance. This delicious cheese custard is made up of reduced-fat cream cheese which makes the dessert a gluten free one and delicious in its taste. Prepare the caramel by cooking sugar and water in a small saucepan for 5 to 7 minutes over medium heat.
Now pour the prepared caramel into a 9-inch round metal cake pan and warm it in the oven to uniformly swirl the caramel to cover the bottom.

Now take a larger pan and place the cake pan in it and fill with water to cover up to 1 inch up the sides. Now take the cake pan out and let it cool under the room temperature for 1 hour and the put it the fridge for 4 hours or overnight. The delicious and healthy low calorie cream cheese custard is ready to be served. Now add the sliced strawberries to the orange juice mixture stir it and chill the mixture for 30 minutes. Before starting the recipe grease the oven bake pan with oil or the butter and keep it aside.
Now pour the mixture in the greased oven bowl and heat in the oven at 380 F and bake for 28 minutes.
You can add coconut butter or ice creams as a toping and enjoy the real taste of Oats in a healthy way.
This recipe is very simple and easy to prepare which can be served as a healthy breakfast or snack. If you are calorie conscious and want a sweet tooth with low calories then the cherries with Ricotta and Toasted almonds dessert is the best recipe.
These are some of the healthy and delicious desserts which satisfy your sweet tooth and ensure good health. About usThe Fit Tip mainly focuses on health, diet plans, weight loss, beauty and stress free life. A quick and easy dessert to serve to guests -- especially if they are coming at the last minute!
Cheesecakes are most easily baked in a leak-proof springform pan, often paired with a water bath to more evenly distribute the heat.[9] Because of the high density of most cheesecakes, they continue baking for some time after removal from an oven.
Some modern authors point to the presence of many eggs, the sole source of leavening, as proof that it is a torte.
Usually, cheesecake is made from cream cheese, eggs and egg yolks to add a richness and a smooth consistency. This makes the cheesecake more resilient to freezing and is the method by which most frozen cheesecakes are made. The most common commercial varieties are black cherry, blackcurrant, strawberry, passionfruit, raspberry, and lemon curd. Some recipes call for bay leaves, which may have been used as a preservative.[citation needed] Italian-style cheesecake uses ricotta or mascarpone cheese, sugar, vanilla extract, and sometimes barley flakes. A Swedish cheesecake is not layered and is traditionally produced by adding rennet to milk and letting the casein coagulate.
Belgian cheesecake also includes a speculaas crust (speculaas is a traditional Dutch-Belgian biscuit). Sometimes it is served with strawberry, blackberry or uchuva jam; rarely it is served with boiled figs. Asian-style cheesecakes are also lighter in flavor, and are sometimes light and spongy in texture.

Add beaten eggs one at a time, condensed milk, evaporated milk and mix them well until all the ingredients are mixed well. Bake for about 1 hour until it turns into golden color and then make sure that it is completely baked. The ingredients like sugary cake and whipped cream make it a fatty food which doesn’t meet your dieting plan. Instead of simply mixing them in milk and eating, many alternative and healthy recipes are being introduced day by day. It takes just 5 minutes to prepare these parfaits but the benefits show large impact on our health. These desserts are made with low calorie ingredients to make sure that everyone can enjoy these deserts without hesitation. The usual filling is a mixture of cream cheese, sugar and cream and it is not baked, but refrigerated.
Germany is famous for its unique cheesecake recipes that add a bit of sweet and sour taste, said to "melt in your mouth". You can check it by inserting a knife in the middle of the cake, if it comes out clearly then the cake is fully baked. So in order to make it healthier and tastier than the fatty one you can use the low saturated fats and calorie free sweeteners.
One of such recipe is the strawberry shortcake baked oatmeal which is the low calorie breakfast to start a healthy and fit day. Not being sure what kind of 'equipment' I would have at my disposal, I decided on a graham cracker crust to hold the goodness, and to be honest, I was afraid that the cream cheese mixture and the pie filling would overflow the crust, so I topped with cherries, as it was served. Some recipes use cottage cheese and lemon for distinct texture and flavor or add a drizzle of chocolate or strawberry sauce to the basic recipe. This recipe is sometimes translated into English using rennet-based cottage cheese, but a true Quarkkuchen uses quark cheese made from sour milk. Since the process of curdling milk is somewhat complicated, alternative recipes intended for home cooking instead use cottage cheese as a base to simulate the texture of the dessert. Many people have a bad impression that these desserts are high calorie foods and are the main reasons for heavy weights. Try these desserts at your home and enjoy the delicious taste and live a healthy and happy life. Cheesecake is a popular menu item in coffee shops and pubs, and there has been a proliferation of more esoteric varieties, such as banoffee flavor, coffee, tea, chocolate, Irish cream, white chocolate and even marshmallow. To avoid confusion with other cheesecakes, Swedish cheesecake is usually called ostkaka, its Swedish name.

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