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Summary- Some delicious and well-recognized French cuisines include appetizers like canapes, crepes, frogs legs and escargots.
French food has basically evolved from its Mediterranean links whose climate and conditions yielded plenty from all food groups right from milk and cream to tender vegetables and seafood.
Among the different French cuisines, items like crepe, souffles, soups, baguettes, pates, quiches, escargots, canapes, foie gras, frogs legs, beef Burgundy, ratatoutille and salad Nicoise are well-recognized names the world-over.
While the escargots that are snail preparations and frog’s legs might not appeal to everyone, for the French they are classic foods that deserve a place on every menu for their yummy flavors.
A typical French menu does not end without its rich desserts like creme brulee, chocolate mousse, tarte tatin and upside down cakes. Finally, a French cuisine cannot do without cheese and wine of all types from the fresh to the vintage ones.
Creamy Broccoli Cheddar Soup – This stuff is seriously lick-the-bowl good with a hunk of crusty bread!

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It also include a variety of soups and stews containing delectable meats, tender vegetable, chosen spices, herbs, cream and cheese, breads like baguettes and boules, and many others. They are also known for their romance that they have extended perfectly into their cuisines. Given the wide variety of ingredients that the French can use, it is of little wonder to find that their cuisine is as diverse as it is delectable.
The crepes and canapes typically constitute the hors d’oeuvres or appetizers, whereas the French soups and stews contain several rich ingredients like meat, vegetable stock, wine, cognac and a heady mix of spices and herbs that make these concoctions truly intriguing flavor-wise.
Foie grass, a creamy goose liver and beef Burgundy, a slow-cooked meat stew are some non-vegetarian delicacies that the French cannot do without on their plates.
These desserts typically have a generous helping of cream, caramel and chocolate that can make anyone develop a sweet tooth!

So delicious are the French food items that food connoisseurs from the world-over speak highly of these. For those who choose vegetarianism, there is the ratatouille that is a blend of vegetables stewed with tomatoes, chosen spices and oil. Credit also has to be given to the French chefs who through their unparalleled culinary skills have ensured that their native eats have marked a global presence today.
A variety of breads like baguettes (long airy crispy delights) and boules are also an integral part of the French meals that are eaten with jam or ham. If you have never tasted French cookery, then here is a peek into some delicious and popular French cuisines that will definitely have your mouth watering!

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