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Our mother used to say that there are no naturally bad cooks in the kitchen, just ones that didn't wash their hands.
FeaturesRecipes are one of the top searched for terms on the internet with Google getting millions of recipe searches a day.
Cook'n has become the #1 best-selling recipe organizer software with over 3 million copies sold! Beyond any applicable Neweggflash return policy, this item is warranted independently by the product's Manufacturer or a Third party. Frankly, we've never exactly understood what she meant by that, but we think the answer might be contained in one of these very cool eCookbooks.

Tell Cook'n which items you have on hand and it will suggest recipes or you can browse through hundreds of cookbook photos, including your own, to find one you like for dinner. Cook'n makes it easy to get all of your recipes into one platform by having powerful features which allow you to scan in recipes, capture favorite internet recipes with one click, import Pinterest recipes, copy recipes from Word, or simply type them in. But then you end up with often messy stacks of papers on your desk combined with hand-written recipes, magazine clippings, etc. You can even drag them in from a live recipe feed in Cook'n that shows delicious photos from brand-new recipe posts across the web. Some people set up online recipe box accounts, bookmark them, copy and paste into Word, and others pin them on Pinterest.

Once you have your recipes in Cook'n you can organize them into various cookbooks and chapters.
You adjust serving sizes with one click, analyze nutrition, generate shopping lists, make meal plans and weekly menus, sync with your mobile device, print family cookbooks, and more!

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