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From Green Goddess salads to Caramel Brownies, get awesome recipes delivered to your inbox. Before sitting down for the long haul of TV on Sunday, I whipped up these¬†Southwestern Stuffed Sweet Potatoes. I make something similar for lunch a few days a week but I’ve never seen anything more beautiful than these babies!!
I only approve if you can share him because he’s totally my bf too ?? i wanna stuff my face inside these potatoes! I think it’s possible you may have created the only sweet potato recipe that could ever get my husband to eat a sweet potato. Best Desserts with Recipes Jun 07, 16 04:12 PMLearn to make the best desserts with these recipes for chocolate gateau, baklava with honey syrup and blackberry cobbler.
How to Make Pizza Dough Jun 07, 16 04:02 PMLearn how to make pizza dough to suit your taste; do you like it thick thin or in between? We like to grill them in the skin, then cut the skin like a brown potato, butter and brown sugar them.
We eat sweet potatoes a lot; in fact, you can use SP in place of pumpkin in almost any recipe you wish. Ditto pp try slicing them in rounds instead of wedges and I usually add a bit of cayenne pepper to spice them up.

Hmm… why not try brushing them with butter (or oil) before you place them on the grill?
In the South we would poke a few holes in the sweet potatoe with a fork and then wrap in a layer of alluminum foil. But these would be a whole lot more waist-line friendly if you grilled them as you instruct, spritz them with olive oil and toss with cayenne pepper and a touch of salt. Partially because we couldn’t be bothered going out and getting dressed, and partially because the amount of TV that was on Sunday night was mind boggling. Sure we’ve all had baked potatoes that are stuffed to the brim with awesome things, but have we all had stuffed sweet potatoes?
Look for firm sweet potatoes with smooth, bright, uniformly colored skins, free from signs of decay. Or I microwave them, cut out the flesh, mash them with a little molasses,butter, and cinnamon. I put olive oil, salt, pepper, cayenne, minced garlic, and either nutmeg or cinnamon in a bowl, toss the potatoes then sear them on a super hot grill to make grill marks and get a bit of crunch.
Also, sprinkle with a combination of brown sugar + salt + cinnamon before you place them on the grill. I freeze them in meal-size portions and then thaw the container overnight or on the counter during the day.

Because they are more perishable than white potatoes, extra care should be used in selecting sweet potatoes. I would love to find more ways to incorporate them into our diet outside of Thanksgiving dinner. The salt will help bring out the natural sweetness of the sweet potato while the cinnamon enhances it and the sugar carmelizes on the potato itself.
And you can eat these guilt free because it’s all good for you, minus the cheese, but who has time to worry about that? Stuff the sweet potatoes generously with the black beans, guacamole, salsa, cheese, red onions and cilantro. Today, a few specialty stores may carry yams but back when Dad was alive, they would be very difficult to buy in this country.

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