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Expect nothing less than perfection from Martha Stewart and this glossary of steak cuts is no exception! From the gorgeous photography to the detailed explanations, your less-than-knowledgeable friends can be up to speed on their beef cuts in no time! I love experimenting with food and I like to get my family, friends and neighbors involved. I was truly delighted when I went on a tour of Fort Jadhavgadh, with Vithal Kamat in the lead, as excited as a child showing me all that he has created with a Mechano set. Not surprisingly, we entered the Fort through the museum that Vithal has created with no help from anybody at all. But Vithal’s dream culminated into this museum that I was now witnessing and I was truly proud of him. So Jadhavgadh has earned the distinction of being the first Museum-Fort-Hotel of the world.
He met Anasaheb’s elder brother, Dadasaheb, his son, Baba Seth, the daughter and the rest of the family, all of who were most keen that Vithal should now resurrect the fort.
The pool is called Kand (tank), just as the rooms are called Kholis and the General Manager, Kiledar (fort keeper). In addition to standard rooms, there are six deluxe rooms, 14 rooms have open-to-sky bathrooms and two Maharaja suites, with balconies overlooking a good view. The lawns of the fort are verdant and have tents pitched on the periphery, for the romantic at heart. The fort grounds also house three temples, Vithal, Ganesha and Maruti, all of which are now being maintained by Kamat Hotels.
Fort Jadhavgadh may not have the trappings of the forts in Northern India, but it has character. For an experience of the days of Maratha yore, where Tutaris blow loud and strong into their bugles announcing your arrival, to pretty girls clad in saris applying vermillion tikka on your forehead and offering you a cool drink of kokum sherbet, the place to experience is Vithal Kamat’s 310 year old, Fort Jadhavgadh.

I made this guide to help other people with the crafting in the F2P game unturned its not hard to craft anything in Unturned. This section will tell you how to make the basics of crafting the first things you need in order to craft other important things you what ingame.
Beds: are used to respawn you on it, so if you die you get easily get back to your base or home.
Storage: containers can hold your stuff you cant carry with you or what you what to keep safe. Other: this where I'll pull crafting recipes that I cant decide which section it should go in.
The fort was shot from every angle minutely, for conservation and restoration purposes and work began in 2006. Skilled workers, experts in black stone joinery were brought in from Rajasthan, Bijapur and Karnataka.
The reception is known as Chaudi (an area where people assemble), and the conference room is Baitakh.
Built on a low hill top, and devoid of any intricate carvings, all that is visible from afar are the high walls built in brown and black stones. If you store items in them without them despawning when you get off, but be care because zombies are a tracked to player made stuff. All the wonderful objet d’art, and other artifacts Vithal was collecting over the years was often the subject of his conversations with Behram Contractor, my husband, his mentor, as Vithal is wont to emphasise. To take a 300-year old fort, restore it and convert it into a modern lodging, would naturally call for great resources; physical, mental, emotional and financial. Old methods of joinery; with egg yolk, lime, honey and herbs were used to seal the deep crevices, matching stones were procured, structural stabililty of the six dungeons was tested, public areas were integrated with kitchens and dining facilities, rooms were built in, and the biggest nightmare of all, toilets and bathrooms were added. So it not only offers shade, but it also gives a nice rural look, conducive to the setting.

Payatha, which means base of the fort, in Marathi, is the restaurant where you can indulge in jalebi-making contest, that is when you are not busy enjoying some delectable tandoori fare.
I believe many a young couple, specially those residing in nearby Pune, have taken their wedding vows at Fort Jadhavgadh. It is only when you enter the spiked door and climb up its huge stone steps do you get the feel of the place. Just look at this guide to get the crafting recipes, so you wont have to look them up online. I will try to update this guide when new recipes come out. I have seen him grow from his Satkar days of idli-dosa to the elegant, five star ones of The Orchid.
And Vithal Kamat learnt about life and business from his father, a man as genteel and upright as the late Venkatesh Kamat. Due credit has to be given to Vidya, Vithal’s wife who sportingly allowed her South Bombay flat to be cramped with the thousands of collectibles over all these years.
I had to come out of this frame to indulge in some luxuries, reminiscent of a former lifestyle. You see, when I was overseeing the restoration work here, I studied more than 20 books on forts, chalets, chateau and palace hotels. I also went around India and abroad visiting many such places and I knew the bathrooms had to be really good.

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