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My Recipe Book is a cooking app that lets you store and organize recipes you find into one convenient location -- your iPhone or iPad. On the iPad, you can also edit your recipes, add notes, use multiple timers, and add your own custom recipes.
My Recipe Book is an excellent cooking app for those who like to discover new recipes online. I don't understand why they limited features only to iPad; however, it does offer great functionality. With the new KitchenSync introduced in My Recipe Book 3.0, you can actually now store all those recipes on as many devices as you want.

This makes it much easier to use your shopping list while in the grocery store or share a new recipe with your friend while out and about. This awesome feature lets you find recipes on the popular cooking websites (epicurious, MyRecipes, CookingLight, Food Network, etc) and quickly import them into My Recipe Book. Another awesome feature of My Recipe Book is the ability to automatically convert the serving size of a recipe without having to do any of the math yourself. Being able to quickly import recipes from all the popular cooking websites, edit them, and even add your own, makes My Recipe Book a must-have for every cook.
A great feature of the list is that not only are the ingredients added, but the exact amount needed is also included.

Simply pick a multiplier (like twice as many than the original recipe) and My Recipe Book will do the rest!

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