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Making Au Jus DirectionsWhile resting, collect juice from pan into serving container for your au jus . Slicing Prime Rib DirectionsSlice on cutting board with trough or be prepared to clean up a mess. Serving Prime Rib Tips and HintsI serve au jus on the side in small bowls but many people like to serve the prime rib with a ladle full of steaming, hot au jus poured over each slice. Welcome to the EGGhead Forum - a great place to visit and packed with tips and EGGspert advice! Earlier this week I asked for advice on cooking this boneless roast, as I always try to get a bone-in one.
An indirect set-up with a 250° pit temp was used for most of the cook (I did ramp up the cooker for a crisp up toward the end), and I cooked this one fat cap DOWN to act as a heat shield like cooking a brisket.
My other meat dish was a fresh turkey breast injected with Old Dave's version of Shake's brine, marinated in Italian dressing and seasoned with Cluck & Squeal plus some Montreal steak rub. I only turned once in the cook, and was chasing really uneven temps in roast (one end 130F and other below 110).
I am sure it all evens once you pull and tent, but next time cooking for myself to 125-130 for nicer finish, and dont want to under or overcook.
I didn't turn it but I rotated it so the thicker side (with the rib cap muscle) was toward the rear of my Egg for most of the cook. When I temped it, I did notice some inconsistancy in the internals because of the lack of bones, and that is why I chose to go fat cap down. After doing this- do you still prefer cooking the bone in (standing) roast, or do you think the boneless roast is just as good? We had turkey and ham yesterday - I've decided come Christmas I'm doing something different - prime rib it will be. In my case, my only outlet for choice beef is Sam's Club and they only get boneless ones at my store. Follow the recipe directions exactly and you can not go wrong in roasting a whole boneless prime rib for your next big holiday meal or any other time.

This method makes a good presentation as it softens the pink look of the rib roast for those dinner guests expecting the look of a grilled steak. Come visit Big Green Egg headquarters, see our new showroom and check out the History of the EGG Museum and Culinary Center! I only had about a cup of apple chips left to use and found that to be just enough smoke for a hint of flavor. I would rather under finish them a hair and return a slice to the pit or just a cast iron skillet if it is too rare for one or two folks. A little market is doing a special order for Christmas for bone-in choice grade standing rib roasts, to the tune of $12 a pound, which is hard to swallow. Even though I'm in the middle of cow country, it's too bad I don't have beef connections like you do. I used the Lipton Beef and Onion dry mix, added some aujus powder we get through a restaurant, used Herb-Ox brand bullion (we've talked about this) and added some Montreal steak seasoning. All three grades will make a fine prime rib dinner.Select will be a little less tender but with less fat. The thickness of a ten ounce prime rib will approximately be the length from the joint of your thumb to the tip of your thumb. If you serve the au jus over the each slice I would serve everything with the exception of potatoes in separate bowls. When the internal temp broke 100°, I removed it long enough to inject four or five ounces of a jazzed up hot aujus (inspired from RRP's Guest Pit Boss recipe on my site) into it. On the other hand, bone-in ones are almost automatic, possibly the easiest thing you can barbecue, plus you get the bones for later (a big advantage). A whole rib will make a much better finished product because the size allows for the slow roast.
You can also stick au jus into freezer for a few minutes making fat rise to top as it cools. If slicing a bone in prime rib - run your knife along each side of bone giving you a large king cut with bone.

Another great prime rib tip is; feel free to slice carrots and potatoes into the pan and cook them with the prime rib just like you would a pot roast. If you think vegetables that have been cooked with a rump roast are good wait until you have eaten carrots and potatoes cooked more than two hours with a prime rib roast.
You will need the ingredients that make up chef's salt or buy a salt based meat rub from your local store.
One more tip;I don't serve the ribs with the prime rib roast if they are removed or tied to the prime rib. With all that being said your grade is probably going to be dictated by whatever meat your local store stocks. I wrap them in foil, hide them in my refrigerator and eat them for lunch, dinner or a snack the next day.
If the weather is decent, I put them on the grill for a few minutes on each side to warm them. Lay it into the pan (use a rack, if available with a pan deep enough to catch the juices from the rib eye) Do not trim the fat unless it is more than an inch thick. Mix one quart water with two tablespoons (or soup spoons) beef base Pour mixture into pan, turn oven to 325 degrees If using a rib, totally without bone or with bones completely attached, go to next recipe step. If using a rib which has the ribs tied to the roast - remove the twine and the ribs from roast after an hour but leave them in roasting pan. If you allow tied ribs to remain and remove them after totally cooking rib the place where the ribs were tied will have a less cooked look to it. Although I tend to eat a piece from neither end because I like my prime rib rarer than most people and the center is going to be more to my liking. Allow the prime rib to rest at room temperature for 10 to 20 minutes depending how hungry you are.

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