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Chef Nixon Low has kindly shared the recipe for this beautiful dish with customers of The Sampan Catch. Rub turmeric, ginger powder, a little home-made chilli paste, mixed herbs and salt on the fish. An "easy-peasy" recipe contributed by Ms Ong, Holland Road area, who cooked this dish using fillets from the Pearl Grouper Extra-Large. There are a great many varieties of Snapper, including Five Line, Yellowtail, Silk, Crimson, Stripey, Moses, Mangrove Jack, Emperor and Goldband, but the undisputed heavyweight champion is the Red Snapper (Lutjanus sanguine).

All Snappers are available in sizes from 500g to 1kg, which provide portion size whole fish, and fillets, but Red Snapper can grown up to 11kg – providing fantastic supremes from fish over 3kg.
Be aware of Malabar Snapper – very similar to Red Snapper, but requires careful cooking to avoid drying out. The flesh is similar in most Snappers – pale pink, flaky, with a distinctive sweet taste – and is usually served with its attractive skin on, which can be eaten – but must be de-scaled.
Snappers can be grilled, pan-fried, baked, roasted, barbecued (whole fish), and will take as much flavour as you can throw at it.

Loads of chilli, garlic, lime, coriander, it even works with curry flavours – treat it brutally, it’ll love it!

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