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All the appetizing and inspiring recipes from 2010 can be found in this all-new collection by the editors of Cooking Light. Cooking Light, America's leading epicurean magazine and authority on healthy cooking, is dedicated to helping its more than 12 million readers eat smart, be fit, and live well. Throughout the year, Cooking Light magazine produces some of the most unique and sought-after recipes derived from cutting edge food science, exotic world flavors, and the latest research on healthy eating.
Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. All those phenomenal recipes from 2013 can now be found in Cooking Light Annual Recipes 2014, with over 700 favorite light recipes and over 400 pages of the menus, tips and techniques to guarantee success in the kitchen.

From everyday dinners to weekend entertaining, Cooking Light helps you round out your favorite dishes with excellent recipe-pairing suggestions. These tried and tested recipes cover a wealth of food categories (and even include pairing suggestions) so that you can create perfect, delicious meals for any event or night of the week. This book-readers' most anticipated volume during the year-delivers all the delectable (and healthy) recipes that cooks trust and expect from Cooking Light.
This book includes: Convenience in the Kitchen--As always, Cooking Light delivers all the additional information readers need to make the best foods and the most of their time in the kitchen, with helpful tips and easy-to-follow icons that making cooking for the family easy and enjoyable. Includes every single recipe seen in the magazine for 2013, plus many more meals and menus to create numerous courses including appetizers, sides, memorable main dishes, and desserts.

Healthy and delicious recipes--over 700 in all-that each include a nutritional analysis so cooks can be assured that their meals are not only tasty and satisfying, but also incredibly nutritious! Over 65 beautiful illustrations, plus a list of highest rated recipes and staff favorites, showcase the quality and appeal of these healthy, delightful meals.

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