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If you enjoy cooking or simply have to cook out of necessity, you’ll want to have at hand lots of good recipes. With My Recipe Book, you can with little effort import recipes from some of the most popular websites (currently numbering 12 within the app). One great aspect about the app is that it truly does do a good job of helping you organize your recipes, for it makes them very searchable.
My Recipe Book is indeed a fabulous kitchen companion, one that you might not want to be without once you’ve had it.
Finally, although I said the iPad is the perfect cooking companion, I still do wish I could have the same recipes at hand in my iPhone, which I carry about with me practically all the time. Can’t get the developer to tell me if it is, or will be, possible to scan a recipe and somehow get it into MRB. Cook Yourself Thin is the fantastic recipe book from the hit Channel 4 TV series Cook Yourself Thin Inside you’ll find all 80 of the sumptuous recipes from the series, so you to can drop a dress size in six weeks, while eating your favourite foods Cook Yourself Thin style.
All product names, trademarks, registered trademarks, service marks or registered service marks, mentioned throughout any part of the Weight Loss Resources web site belong to their respective owners. Non-fiction books that contain a collection of recipes, techniques, and tricks of the trade or else focus on the exploration of food, cooking, and culture of food.

Whether you obtain your recipes from friends, cookbooks, online sources, or put together your own concoctions, you’ll be glad to have a single place to store them. This thus is the perfect device to be coupled with My Recipe Book – Your recipes, finally organized.
And should your favorite website not be included, you can still bookmark it and use the custom import feature, which allows you to basically copy and paste fairly easily. So I dearly hope My Recipe Book could evolve into a universal app with cloud-based syncing.
Should you not already have an app that lets you manage your recipe collection, this is a must buy, especially at its very reasonable price of $2.99 in the App Store. My Recipe Book – Your recipes, finally organized by Cross Forward Consulting is certainly one good place. While this allows you to view all the items within a category with only two taps, you may also search for any keyword within a recipe.
First, a few extra features are tucked away in the Help section, which may be a bit of a stumbling block to those who aren’t naturally inclined to look for help.
A specialty cookbook may focus only on a certain country's cuisine, such as Italian or Cajun.

It’s naturally a little more labor intensive, but the app remembers past ingredients used and makes the process as friendly as possible. If you have only a limited time to spend in the kitchen, you can search for suitable recipes by their Ready Time. Another way to import new recipes is to exchange them via email with friends who also own the app. Second, when entering a recipe manually, I sometimes found myself wishing I could do so on my Mac. This could perhaps be accomplished through a wifi-enabled web server function to link the app with the computer.

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