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To make the vinaigrette, place blackberries in a small food processor and process to a puree.
To make the mayonnaise, place egg, lemon zest and juice, vinegar, salt and sugar and process to combine. Today's mystery box challenge has been set by guest chef Luke Nguyen, as contestants have 60 minutes to make an impressive dish.
The losing team from the Chinese New Year challenge must now cook a dish determined by lucky dip. Today's off-site team challenge marks the celebration of Chinese New Year joined by guest mentor, Kylie Kwong.
The bottom three contestants from the mystery box challenge face off in the elimination pressure test.

Today's off-site challenge will take place at George Calombaris' Hellenic Republic restaurant.
The best performing contestants from Marco Pierre White's service challenge have the chance to cook for immunity. With 75 minutes on the clock, the contestant with the least impressive dish will be eliminated. The contestant who produces the best eclair in round one will then cook off against a professional chef. Contestants have just three hours to recreate & 15 minutes to plate up Anna Polyviou's mess.
The invention test winner will have the advantage going into the mystery box challenge when contestants have an hour to impress the judges.

Contestants who fail the Round 1 blind taste test must then impress the judges with a dish using the ingredient they did not correctly name. Split into two teams, each team must prepare a three course feast for 120 guests to avoid elimination.

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