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Easy Chocolate Brownies Recipe Steamed Eggless Wheat Brownies Recipe, an egg-less and butter-less version of Chocolate Brownies which is steamed and not baked.
Preparation: 5 min Homemade Sweetened Condensed Milk is one of the ingredients which can be eaten as such.
Preparation: 5 min With this no cook (no burn) homemade sweetened condensed milk recipe, you’ll never need to buy cans of sweetened condensed milk ever again. If you publish original recipes on your blog and want them listed on Very Good Recipes, submit your blog! As a kid, I turned my nose up at the mere mention of tapioca pudding, despite the fact that I had never even come close to trying the stuff.
Why I picked this recipe: Somehow I've managed to go my entire life without eating tapioca-based pudding (or porridge).
What worked: Pleasantly chewy tapioca and creamy coconut milk with a generous scoop of sweet mango on top made for a deliciously homey dessert.
Excerpted with permission from The Adobo Road Cookbook: A Filipino Food Journey--From Food Blog, to Food Truck, and Beyond, copyright 2013 by Marvin Gapultos.

Diwali is nearing and it is perfect sweet to make when time is short and you still want to make a special dessert.
This is a boon for the people who wish to celebrate their special days with a particular theme. And as there were lot of festivals going on, I was baking eggless versions most of the time. This homemade sweetened condensed milk is also great to use in recipes, or to make dulce de leche with. Register to discover and share recipes with other bloggers and readers passionate about cooking.
With this super-comforting recipe at hand, I figured now was as good a time as any to give it a shot.
It thickened up quite a bit, and I thought adding more coconut milk (and opening another can) would send the dish over the edge in terms of richness. Sweetened condensed milk was the last puzzle piece I needed to make pumpkin pie totally from scratch.
But for Marvin Gapultos, a warm Filipino tapioca porridge called tambo-tambo remains a favorite dessert.

The dough should be slightly tacky and you should be able to form the dough into a large sphere. Reduce the heat to low, and then add the rice balls to the saucepan and gently simmer, stirring to ensure the rice balls don’t stick to each other. If the dough is too dry and crumbly, slowly add more water, one tablespoon at a time, until the dough can hold its shape. Continue simmering the rice balls until they are cooked through and become pleasantly chewy, 3–5 minutes.
If the porridge becomes too thick for your liking, you can thin it out with more water or coconut milk.
The tapioca pearls glimmer in a rich coconut milk broth, studded with fat, chewy rice balls and small pieces of sweet fruit. His version in The Adobo Road Cookbook is easy and fun to make (rice balls dough = tasty playdough), and his use of mango as a topping guarantees sweet success.

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