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Mostly used as a medicine or as an aphrodisiac, the Caterpillar Fungus can be also served in soupsFried bugs, insectsInsects make an old dish in many parts of the world, except Europe and North America. In the Western countries, ox penises are usually dried out and served as dog foodBird Nest SoupThe saliva of the birds give this soup its unicity. After a few months of fermentation, the venom is dissolved and the drink is good to serve!Tuna EyeUsually served in Japan and China, the tuna eyeball is another weird dish that might not be for everyone’s taste.

They say it tastes much better than it looks.Blood soupBlood soup (ti?t canh) is made with raw blood of ducks or geese (sometimes pigs), with peanuts and herbs on top. This is the typical protein-rich breakfast of the country people in Northern Vietnam, but is very dangerous because of the H5N1 bird flu virus.

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