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Tender crepes are filled with chicken in a creamy sauce and finished with golden melted cheese.This recipe makes enough filling for about eight 18cm diameter crepes.
I want to make this for dinner but my husband doesn't like curry would it make a difference if I didn't put in the curry powder.
I know this sounds silly, but where are the actual ingredients for the chicken filling for the crepes listed.
The recipe looks so tasty and I will be trying it ASAP.Could you use burrito or tortilla wraps? You could omit the lemon juice without significantly affecting the flavour or consistency of the filling. Hi there guys, was wondering, what do you suggest would to be a great partner with the Chicken Crepes?
We suggest that you serve the crepes with any of the following vegetables: broccoli, beans, carrot, corn or spinach. Hi JolynnWe reheat the chicken crepes in the oven but we think it would be fine to use a microwave. This is comfort food at its best though I did substitute the soup, cream and mayyo mixture with your bechemal sauce recipe the second time around since I didn't care much for the filling the first time. Have wanted to make this for sooo long and OMG I am so glad I took the time out on a Beautiful Friday Night to do this.

Chicken mince can be used for rissoles, burgers, meatballs, or cooked and served in an Asian salad. To make the sauce, mix tamarind pulp and water, squeeze the tamarind to get the sour juice out, then sieve to remove the pulp leaving only the liquid.
However, if your husband really dislikes curry, it would be fine to leave the curry powder out.
Just wondering if you could add some fresh spinach to the mix or would that not really work?
Because I'm lazy, I often use tortillas or wraps, but the end result is still terrific. Because the chicken was pre-cooked, it will not stick together and you end up with separate grains of crunchy chicken. If you do try using tortillas in place of the crepes, please let us know how they turn out. If you don't already have a savoury mince recipe, you could use the mince component of our shepherd's pie recipe.
Hi AnonymousWe haven't tried freezing these crepes, so we aren't sure whether they are suitable to freeze. Oh, with regard to the condensed cream of chicken soup, why do they add it, i mean, wouldnt the normal cream )already in the ingredients list) suffice.

I usually use them for a quick no fuss dessert with fresh fruit and a sweet sauce, all you have to do is microwave them for 30 seconds each to defrost them.I think these would work really well with this recipe because they have a very neutral flavour that would go well with a savoury dish. If you would like to see how the printed page will look, use your browser's print preview function.
They are the same plant that betelnuts come from, the nuts they sell on the street in Taiwan. You could make the crepes and filling two days in advance, store them in two separate containers in the refrigerator, and assemble just before oven baking. This is just a handy tip for those that cant be bothered (or dont have the time) making the crepes from scratch.PS - love all your recipes guys! Unfortunately they are popular because they are a legal stimulant, and I avoid them because it makes my heart flutter as though I'm nervous.
Add onion, salt, pepper, and enough water to just cover the chicken.Place saucepan over high heat, cover, and bring to the boil.

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