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When I hear the words "baked chicken breast," I can't say that I'm terribly excited by the sound of it. The secret is the high temperature (which is why I decided to call it "roasted chicken breast" instead) and cooking it on a wire rack, which speeds the cooking of the meat and crisping of the skin, so that the interior reaches temperature as quickly as possible. Born and raised in Chicago, one of Blake's earliest food memories was a Chicago-style hot dog with all the toppings. As a co-founder of The Paupered Chef And a Serious Eats Contributor since the beginning, Blake has been writing about food regularly since 2006.

I can think only of dry, relatively flavorless meat, which is probably destined to be mixed with plenty of mayonnaise in a chicken salad later. The bone helps even the distribution of heat, while the skin protects the exterior, which can dry out before the inside is cooked (and crisp skin is delicious, too). He currently contributes weekly to Dinner Tonight and writes the Chicago-based column Sausage City.
The expertise required to produce juicy, tender, and flavorful meat—and the fear of undercooking chicken—has led to so many overcooked chicken breasts that cooking them whole seems impossible.

With this technique, I found myself cutting into a juicy chicken breast with crisp skin in under an hour. He studied professional cookery at Kendall College in Chicago, and is creative director of Jamco Creative, an outfit in Chicago that specializes in social media marketing.

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