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Last year I saw these little snowflakes on one of my favorite food blogs, Annie’s Eats. Starting with the blue container, dilute frosting with water so it is a pipeable consistency, but be careful and only add a tiny bit of water at a time because it dilutes rather easily.
Once all of the outlines are piped, add the remaining blue frosting back to the blue container and dilute it to a “flooding” consistency. Dilute the the white icing to a pipeable consistency like the you did for the blue outline.
I made snow flake cookies this past weekend and found that I was able to pipe the decoration about 15-20 mins after I flooded the cookie. They last for a long time (like at least a week+) in an airtight container so you can make them far ahead of time.

I knew that this Christmas I was going to try to do my own version, even though I’m not that skilled in royal icing yet (this is only my third time).
You can outline and flood back-to-back (within 15 minutes or so) but you need to let the flooded part of the cookie set for several hours before you go back and pipe the detail.
Cut out cookies with floured cookie cutters and carefully transfer them to the prepared cookie sheets.
Using the paddle attachment, beat frosting on low until matte and smooth, about 7-8 minutes. When the icing is at the right consistency for piping and place it in a piping bag fit with a small, round tip. When the icing is at the right consistency for piping, place it in a piping bag fit with a small, round tip.

Make sure that you let the icing dry overnight without covering the cookies – it’s really the most important part!
I was actually shocked at how bad they were, I tried everything to save these but sadly all my dough has been wasted!!!! Detail your cookies as desired, but make sure to move quickly because the frosting does dry quickly. Repeat steps with each cookie and let them harden overnight before placing them in an airtight container the next day.

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