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ESPNHow Draymond Green and Kevin Love wage war -- on their weightESPNBogut has avoided all processed sugars for 11 months, but still craves Cadbury chocolate and Australian Mars bars, a treat he'll allow himself during the offseason, he says. International Business Times UKQueen cuts out the carbs: Secrets of Her Majesty's diet and lifestyle as she celebrates 90th birthdayInternational Business Times UKLow carb diets may be associated with bodybuilders and high fashion models, but Queen Elizabeth II, who is celebrating her official 90th birthday this weekend, has also ditched the dough in the quest for better health. Yahoo Health20 Foods That Make You MotivatedYahoo HealthAside from being an energy-boosting complex carb, whole grains are packed with folate. Money Magazine12 Products Marketed to One Gender for No Good ReasonMoney MagazineHence the introduction of the Go Girl line of low-carb, sugar-free energy drinks. How To Burn FatMen's FitnessAs soon as the bar passes your knees, push your hips forward with power, ending standing tall and straight with the bar in front of your groin. Alima Baba 3 hours ago Hi, when can we expect the quest bars from the lab to be available in other stores?

Natural Products INSIDERSports Protein Bars Losing the Battle of PremiumizationNatural Products INSIDERThe onslaught of new product launches in the parallel energy and nutrition bars category has been driven by premiumization that has largely remained absent in sports protein bars. The Cheat Sheet6 Gluten-Free Quick Bread Recipes Everyone Will EnjoyThe Cheat SheetNot everyone has a gluten allergy, but not everyone can resist a slice of sweet bread, gluten-full or gluten-free, either.
Huffington Post5 Gluten-Free Desserts to Bring to a BBQ This SummerHuffington PostIMG_1157 When my son and I were diagnosed with celiac disease in 2011, I ran out and bought several gluten-free baking cookbooks.
I was walking the aisles at Deans (another local business) when the creative Jonesbar packaging caught my eye.
It's made of moist vanilla spongecake, a zing of lemon, beautiful coconut frosting, and is topped with fresh strawberries. Made with moist banana and pineapple cake, spiced with cinnamon, studded with pecans, and topped off with cream cheese frosting, this dessert is super decadent.

Enjoy These 15 Seriously Awesome Desserts That Use Dates and NutsOne Green PlanetWhile they taste great as a quick snack to give you energy, texture and sweetness of Medjool dates makes them extremely versatile when it comes to desserts.
It is sometimes called glutinous rice because it gets gluey when cooked, but this sweet dessert is 100 percent gluten-free! A favorite entree is a roasted half-chicken ($22), basted in lemon juice and the drippings that come off the bird. But it's totally worth making for those who are looking to try a new kind of dessert that's funky and totally adorable.

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