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Well in simple words, the speed or the patron of digesting system call metabolism, if someone has slow metabolism it shows that no matter what they eat, they will keep fatty looks and if someone has hyperactive or faster metabolism, no matter what kind of lifestyle they have, they keep fit and healthy looking slim body, in simple words they are blessed; if you were not born with faster metabolism that does not mean that you cannot make it rub faster, well you can. Chew Gum:- Pick up a packet of sugar-free gum for multiple health benefits and keep on in your mouth most of the time, it will not only freshen your breath, help clean your teeth, send yourself a mental signal that you are eating something  and your body would start burning calories and faster your metabolism naturally.
Go Biking:- If you need better shape then you need to make an effort too, get out and move more and try biking or running and enjoy the season, pedaling at even just a moderate pace for 15 minutes will burn 102 calories for a 150-pound woman and it will keep your metabolism running for even later for like 45 minutes, boosting your metabolism.

Walk Before Meals:- It is a very good trick, warm up your body and go for rub for 30-45 minutes before big meal and in the morning and it will help you get better digestive system and will boost your metabolism too, a 20-minute, boosting your metabolism moderately paced walk can easily torch 100 calories and will keep your metabolism run faster throughout the day. Jump Rope:- Jumping rob is a very intelligent trick to use gravity work for your weight loss, it increase the heat beat and make your metabolism run faster and better, you don’t really need to keep skipping all day to lose Kgs, just a little 10 minutes jumping will help you lose 150-pound during a month and it will keep your body shaped too.
Eat Spicy:- When we eat spicy or strong food, our body get heat up naturally and help our body to make our metabolism to run faster, don’t increase your salt intake, boosting your metabolism but there are many spice which work for your metabolism and help you get in better shape.

Chilled Water:- It is exact posit of spicy food, when we eat spicy our body get warm up and make us  lose fat blocks or storage and when we drink chilled water our body get chilled and use internal heat to keep the body temperature level and use fat, and increase metabolism rate, boosting your metabolism.

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