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First off let me start by saying I'm not looking for whether the science behind the diet is sound or not, just looking for experiences from those that have tried it. I've read the webMD and other articles debunking the diet solely on the fact there is no hard evidence of the science behind it, but even the WebMD article at the end Dr. I'm going to talk from personal experience here since you're right about there being no scientific proof behind the blood-type diet. As a disclaimer I've also not followed this type of diet, but I have noticed that my body is pretty responsive to a low-carb diet. But I did find, quite unintentionally, that if I drop my carbs by 50-60g per day I still feel great and get some of the weight lose benefits without my lifts suffering. As far as the debunking, everything I've read basically says there is a lack of hard evidence that your blood type is related to certain diseases and that it can also determines how you digest foods.

I've tried a lot of different kinds of diets, and what has worked for me best is again a high fat low carb diet, but bear in mind that there are macros you have to hit. They told her how they don't exercise and have been dropping weight and feel great, blah blah blah.
I took a quick glance at what it says we should be eating, while some things seem odd the list really doesn't seem to be too bad and we could make it work.
I'm not talking about getting into Ketosis, but it seems that I can lose weight easier if I've got a higher percentage of fat than carbs. Hormones have a lot to do with it at the end of the day, but it really all comes down to calories in vs. I've tried the low-carb diet in the past and found I could drop weight quickly, but it really sucked the energy out of me.

Even in the articles the same Doctors debunking the science state the diet doesn't give bad recommendations and if the same diet was published without the blood type slant to it they would recommend it. Since the couple she met doesn't exercise its hard to get an idea of how eating this way would affect my gym time.
It would be entirely pointless if you're going to workout and not get the results that you want, and at the same time feel lousy about what you're doing.
Best kind of foods are minimally processed ones, but I would never call a specific food evil.

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