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This kind of a diet works best for endomorphs, because a large percentage of endomorphs have varying degrees of insulin resistance and carbohydrate sensitivity. A few weeks ago I mentioned to somebody that I'm dieting because I haven't seen my abs clearly in over a year. I hate to ruin your day but I've found this idea of "spot reducing" to be an absolute myth.
The reality is after about age 30 you start experiencing a continual decline in testosterone and growth hormone. Granted, you CAN positively affect this with proper weight training and diet but it's never going to be like when you were 18 unless you go the hormone replacement route.
On this type of restricted carbohydrate diet you can see some pretty rapid changes in your body fat percentage. One thing I would recommend when following this diet is every 5 days or so have a carbohydrate meal consisting of a sweet potato, rice, and oatmeal. Obviously, this is just a brief overview and I don't have the time or space here to go into all the details.
I think you'll find that by eating this way you'll be able to avoid most of the muscle mass losses that seem to accompany traditional calorie restricted diets.

It can be very difficult for endomorphs to burn belly fat with a diet that is high in carbs and fat. You are not so lucky if you are an endomorph; you need to be very disciplined and you must follow your diet very strictly nearly all the times.
Basically your only source of carbs should be leafy green vegetables, spinach, tomatoes, etc. Refined and processed carbohydrates are easily converted into body fat and should therefore be avoided as much as possible.
You should be doing plenty of aerobic training, because that is they key to losing fat for endomorphs.
So you should be avoiding them as much as possible, if you want to lose tummy fat (best ways to burn stomach fat).
Diets that are very low on calories can decrease your metabolic rate by 20-30% and even up 45%, according to studies. While a lot of ectomorphs are active and enjoy being active, endomorphs tend to relax more and therefore find it harder to be active. The weight you lose with these diets, is not all fat; 40-50% of the weight you lose can come water weight and muscle tissue.

There are plenty of exciting and fun sports and recreational activities that you can add to your schedule, that will help you lose those extra calories. One of the requirements to burn tummy fat fast and easily, is to have a fast metabolism (home remedies to lose belly fat fast). Find some sports that you like or recreational activities such as hiking, that help you lose calories besides your regular workouts (lose stubborn belly fat). It can be really frustrating when you see a person burn tummy fat very easily without much effort and you try and try, but have nothing to show for it.
I will give you some very effective fat loss tips, that will help you get rid of excess fat like never before!

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