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Memorial Day is coming, and with it, picnics to kick off summer — hopefully with crisp, golden fried chicken. Few things shout Southern hospitality like a heaping plate of crisply fried chicken — and Nashville knows how to do hospitality. Check out the full gallery and let us know your favorite spots for a fried chicken fix in the comments below! Lee Brian Schrager, founder of the Food Network South Beach and New York City Wine and Food Festivals, knows a thing or two about fried chicken.
You can buy a copy of Fried & True here, or you can enter to win one for free from FN Dish. For more everyday healthy recipes for kids and families, visit Food Network’s Let’s Get Healthy board on Pinterest. Lantern Restaurant in Chapel Hill, NC brought Korean-style fried chicken with pickled vegetables to the party.
Burgers and meatballs have become mainstays at the annual New York City Wine and Food Festival.
Recipe of the Day: Rachael's Quinoa and Veggie Stuffed Peppers These stuffed peppers are as colorful as they are tasty. We asked chefs across the country for their go-to bird suggestions, both homemade and at restaurants from coast to coast.
The fried chicken in Music City runs from the traditional, skillet-fried Sunday version to the now-iconic Nashville hot.

Something about digging into juicy, crispy chicken with our hands, preferably while sipping a cold beer or lemonade, just puts us in a summer state of mind.
Soft, succulent pieces of meat, each one coated in a crunchy, salty outer layer — what could be better? This week’s Most Popular Pin of the Week, Oven-Fried Chicken, uses corn cereal crumbs and crushed crackers to create a delicious coating for Ellie’s faux-fried chicken. A dear friend’s mother prided herself on her perfectly cooked, crisp, tender drumsticks and delighted in making it for us.
It’s got a pleasantly retro-kitsch appeal, so higher-end restaurants have begun to add it to their menus.
Rachael fills bright red peppers with quinoa, eggplant, and zucchini plus a finishing touch of crumbled feta. Whichever you’re after, these 10 spots are sure to satisfy your craving — and even offer up a little bit of love on the side.
No one understands that like Trisha Yearwood, who comes up with fun, unique ways to cook fried chicken on her TV show, Trisha’s Southern Kitchen. With more than 25 side dishes, recipes include melt-in-your-mouth buttermilk biscuits, cheesy garlic grits and cardamom waffles.
You must include the recipe URL in your comment to be entered to win (find fried chicken recipes here). My mother preferred the kind of cooking that employed a nonstick skillet and the barest coating of heart-friendly olive oil.

I’ve taken advantage of those offerings on occasion, all the while believing that it was still something best left to professionals or those families with a serious fried chicken tradition. This beloved Southern comfort food was served up by restaurants from around the country last night at Hill Country Barbecue Market, the perfect venue for such an event.
Once a Southern specialty, fried chicken has made its way onto restaurant menus across the country. From her favorite fried chicken tips to ways to make this decadent dish healthier, here are Trisha’s best fried chicken ideas. Finally, to make sure you have your basics right, the cookbook begins with a lesson on kitchen chopping, cooking time, and fats and oils. This phrase isn’t another wispy bit of food myth shrouded in fiction and perpetuated by the Internet.
When we’d go out to eat, she would expound on the many dangers of fried foods and point my sister and me toward lighter, more healthful options. Guests meandered through the expansive Texas-style barbecue joint, munching on fried birds both classic and unconventional while a live band played on the lower level. Chefs from Philly to San Francisco are brining, buttermilk-soaking, boldly spicing and frying it up, with winning results.

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