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The skin forms a barrier between the inside and outside, it reflects what is going on inside the body.
Kidney problems may result in dehydration; the skin will lose its elasticity, the cat will become stressed and the hair coat will lose its shine.
Skin problems can also be caused by stress, food additives, chemicals and preservatives in the diet.The best way to help keep your cat healthy is to feed them a natural, whole food diet, especially if you add a good quality herbal supplement for added vitamins and minerals. In this way your cat will have a healthy functioning immune system, with strong bones, and a good digestion.
Commercial cat food are the cause of many skin allergies, very often skin problems will often clear up simply by changing the diet.

Allergies, too, can be caused by a wide variety of things and create a lot of stress to the cat and the owner. Allergies can result in symptoms such as itching, redness, heat, hair loss, inflammation in and around the ear, blisters between the toes, increases thirst, dry and weeping skin rashes, itchy red bumps and spots, lethargy, and discharges from the nose or eyes. If your cat is showing signs of allergic response, flea senstitivity can manifest many of the symptoms given above.
If fleas are a problem, fleas can be deterred effectively by spraying the animal’s coat with a dilute solution (8 drops of each per litre of water), of the essential oils of cedar, eucalyptus and lavender.
For ongoing control, make a lining for the animal’s bed from an old pillow filled with cedar wood chips.

The warmth from the sleeping animal will release the violatile oils from the cedar and impregnate it’s coat, keeping fleas out. Bacteria, fungi and viruses are also a common cause of skin rashes, and may indicate that the cat’s immune system is out of balance.
Topical balms and salves can be very helpful for these and other skin rashes, especially those containing healing, soothing herbs such as aloe, comfrey and calendula.

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