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Southern cooking isn’t all fried chicken and collard greens, as PeachDish is proving. This free meal plan newsletter is perfect for those who love cooking at home but don’t love all the time it takes to actually plan out those weekly menus. This simple desktop app was born out of a desire to eat real, healthy, delicious food, prepared at home, without all the stress of walking in from work at six o'clock and trying to throw something together before the family (or just you) gets cranky. If you tend to bookmark or pin recipes but always end up making the same stir-fry, it's Relish to the rescue. All it takes is 20 ingredients and 20 minutes each night to eat healthy, unprocessed meals, according to the Fresh 20. These delivery companies have you covered with unique ways to take the stress out of prepping a meal.
With Plated, you get just that, but in your own home (and, well, you get to prepare it yourself). Every week you’ll have a box with ingredients for three meals delivered to your door and packed with fresh produce and protein. Their chefs create seasonal, Southern-inspired recipes that would appear on restaurant menus, then the company makes them super easy to create at home by sending pre-measured ingredients and cooking instructions to your doorstep. Basically, the program allows you to store all your favorite recipes, drag-and-drop them onto the day you want to eat them, and get an easy shopping list to print out for easier shopping.
An email reminds you to log in every Thursday to check out the new weekly menu, complete with recipes for entrees, sides, and desserts that take no more than 30 minutes to make. Each week they create a meal plan for five recipes with a shopping list of 20 seasonal ingredients (plus pantry staples) to make those meals.
Kasey and Matthew of the popular food and music blog Turntable Kitchen have the solution for you: a monthly gift box filled with three killer recipes, a mix tape (in both vinyl and digital form), and a few special key ingredients.

In a perfect world, dinner would always be pre-planned and pre-prepped, and cooking and eating it would cure the day's stress, not cause it. Once per week, you’ll get a delivery including all the ingredients you need to make three meals (serving two people each).
She works with her clients one-on-one to create tailored weekly meal plans that take into account your taste preferences, health goals, and how comfortable you are wielding a knife.
Boxes hold enough to serve two or four people, but the recipes (like cheesy pork enchiladas with avocado) take no more than 30 minutes to prepare, regardless of how big the crowd is. Every week, they deliver boxes that are some sort of hybrid between a CSA (community supported agriculture) program, personal catering, and an artisan food shop. Drag the 15 items you want to make into your weekly menu and scale them to serve two, four, six, or eight.
Turn on the record player and fire up the stove for a perfectly paired music and cooking experience. Each week, they feature entrees like chicken chilaquiles, steak salad with chicory and curried chickpeas, and salmon cakes with beet salad. Once you OK the week’s plan, her team does all the work to deliver the ingredients (pre-measured, sometimes pre-chopped, with recipes) right to your door. All the meals are prepared by local chefs, all the produce comes from local farms, and the artisan items are all locally sourced (like bread or granola for snacking!). Relish generates a grocery list that can be customized to add staples you’re low on or subtract things you already have.
This app allows you to customize and organize recipes you’ve created as well as ones from popular sites. From pre-packed dinner boxes delivered to your front door, to meticulously organized meal plans for the entire week, there's something here to make healthy cooking easier for everyone.

Each week they have up to seven dishes ranging from entrees like meatloaf burgers with garlic mashed potatoes to berbere spiced salmon with steamed potatoes and winter greens.
They want to take the stress out of cooking without taking away the joy and satisfaction of preparing a meal on your own. Add the ones that appeal most at this moment to your schedule and shopping list, then rearrange the list so it makes sense for how and when you shop. Plus you can have multiple recipes open at once (great for holiday and party cooking) and set a timer for each. Every recipe features a new special ingredient (tatsoi, anyone?) to broaden your culinary palette, too.
The company started in Germany in 2011, and quickly expanded to the UK, the Netherlands, and Australia! Plus, everything is reviewed by a registered dietitian to be sure the meals are indeed healthy.
The one downside users report is that you have to buy the app for each device you want to use it on.
Delivery available from Maine to Florida, and west to the Mississippi river as well as Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, Nevada and most of Utah and Arizona.

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