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Tips that you read not just a sample of popular magazine, and developed by the Group for cardiovascular prevention to Evrepeyskoto Society of Cardiology.
It does not matter if you already have been diagnosed and are being treated or have visited cardiologist just for prophylactic purposes – diet for you is important and you should watch it seriously and not neglect medical advice. Naturally, the diet should not be viewed in isolation from the other components of a healthy lifestyle – proper exercise, good sleep, the ability to master stress and unload emotionally with fun activities and fascinating hobby. They are very popular in the cardiology community are included in the recommendations of the company and reflect an important trend of recent years – advice that he gives cardiologists a healthy heart are not limited to, the appointment of drug treatment, and begin and end with the idea that the patient should change their attitude towards their lifestyle as a whole if it is to achieve as a result of a healthy heart. Translated into plain English, this means that if you eat properly, the risk of becoming a victim of cardiac event was 76% less than if you prefer fatty foods, alcohol and concentrated cans, generally speaking.

This means that if there is no need to change something in your lifestyle towards a healthier style of behavior, no treatment will not help – no drug therapy or surgery or interventional procedures. Advertising for them to pour over literally everywhere – from billboards on the streets and the TV screen to the leaflets in pharmacies and even supermarkets. Eat fish four times a week, providing every day at least 400 grams of fresh fruit and vegetables Vary your diet with 70 grams of nuts, do not forget to add in your food 1 clove – 3 g garlic, 100 grams boldly eat chocolate, drink happy 150 ml quality red wine in. So without asking we unconsciously depriving them of carbohydrates and proteins from natural sources that do not burden our body unnecessarily.
Council and in this case – do not reach for them, not you talk to a doctor, not replace nutritious foods in tablets or capsules.

Except the knowledge that health is a priceless gift, which, however, must be kept and prices.

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