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After trying unsuccessfully to find a good raw food pyramid, I decided to design one myself. With an emphasis on grains, vegetables and meats, Korean dishes are cooked simply and seasoned with some popular spices and sauces including sesames and sesame oil, chili pepper paste, soybean paste, garlic, ginger and chili pepper flakes.
A Korean meal is featured by numerous shared side dishes (banchan) selected to complement each other. Use our list to immerse yourself in the deliciousness of Korean cuisine, brought to life by the experienced chefs from the best Korean restaurants in Singapore. HighlightsA place to have one of the best Dakgalbi in Singapore: It is hard to find a Korean restaurant serving Dakgalbi in town.
HighlightsServing outstanding soondubuchigae: Looking for an excellent bowl of soondubuchigae (bean curd stew) in town? HighlightsDining in a traditional Korean village: On Tanjong Pagar road, if you catch sight of a Korean restaurant with rustic decoration, it would be Todamgol.

HighlightsA comfortable and relaxing atmosphere for enjoying Korean food right at Chinatown: Settled in hectic Chinatown, Jang Won is a gem among various Korean restaurants in the area. To Koreans, eating is a way to connect to people and provide body with tastes as well as medicine rather than solely filling up the stomach. Nothing beats the soondubuchigae craving like a big bowl of Togi’s soondubuchigae, which wins diners’ hearts with generous amount of seafood in flavorful soup. So a meal with numerous components made from various ingredients is a means to transform philosophy to real life. Tender chicken chunks, vegetables, rice cake, sweet potato, and spicy sauce are included as ingredients, pan-fried on the spot at your table.
With S$14, you will have a big, red, hot soup bowl with kimchi, tofu and thinly sliced pork. Egg mix is poured around the side of the barbeque pan and what you need to do is wait until it turns fluffy.

Ranging between S$25 and S$35, Todamgol’s main courses are big enough for 3 persons to share.Open till 3am: Looking for a Korean restaurant for late night dining?
And the best is to save a small portion of your Dakgalbi in the pan and add a bowl of rice (S$3) to be fried with remaining foods. If your pancake turns cold, grill it over the charcoal fire to taste it crispy until the last piece.
With around 30 items, the restaurant offers you a beautiful selection of dishes that are closer to daily local meals.

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