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If there's an offending smell of cat urine, but you don't know where your cat has done her business, find locations where your cat has urinated or sprayed by using a black light.
Hydrogen peroxide is also a powerful agent in the fight against cat urine odors and stains. Tests any solution on a hidden area of upholstery or carpet before using to ensure it doesn't fade or damage fabric. It is easier to prevent a cat from urinating on surfaces than to clean it, so ensure a cat has a litter box that is cleaned regularly. There are plenty of commercial products that promise to clean cat urine, but most people are better off making their own cleaning solutions at home, which can be easily accomplished with a few common household ingredients. Once a cat has “gone,” people should plan to use absorbent cloth towels or paper towels to soak up as much of the urine as possible.
The next goal is to clean the area, and here pet owners must be advised that even homemade products may have an effect on fabric.
Some people merely use a combination of vinegar and water, since dish soap can be hard to get out of fabrics.

To clean cat urine on exteriors like doors and windows, the most efficacious way is the spray bottle method. Another method that has worked the first time for me, was after cleaning a spot properly, put small dishes of food (or just put some dry food there with no dish) and the cat will associate the area as an eating area. One of the best ways to prevent having to clean up cat urine is to spay or neuter your cats. They live in our houses, sleep in our beds, greet us at the door after a long day--and they sometimes forget their litter box manners and urinate in inappropriate places, such as your couch, favorite chair and carpet. These products are effective in eliminating the smell or cat urine, can remove stains and should not harm your furniture. Cat urine contains ammonia, and using a cleaner that is ammonia based will encourage the cat to continue urinating in the spot. A new male kitten in the neighborhood mistook my home for his new home and proceeded to spray all around the doors outside driving my poor neutered kitten insane.
This leaves the pet guardian with an unpleasant task--trying to find a way to get the cat urine odor and stain out of the furniture.

If your veterinarian doesn't sell such a product, ask the clinic for a recommendation on what to buy at a pet store or department store.
I caught him trying to spray the doors on the inside but in only a few weeks he was really spraying.
The second part is urochrome which gives the urine its ugly yellow color that stains carpets, furniture and he walls. Since it's clear, it won't stain carpets or furniture and it gets the stain and the smell out.
These vaporized odors float in the air attaching to the suspended cation particles which act like a sponge absorbing and carrying the odors and toxins through the air we breathe.
Air-ReNu a paint additive, turns any wall, surface, into a permanent air purification system, with no electricity or filters required.

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