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Sexy and feminine is in – and the Tracy Anderson diet and 30 day method can now reshape the bods of women who want that svelte and feminine physique.
Anderson is notorious for getting Hollywood’s elite in super slim shape, and this celebrity personal trainer promises she can do the same with her diet and exercise plan.
For dieters, the benefits are insurmountable – even celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow say Anderson whipped them into super lean divas. This method isn’t ideal for men, as it is designed to reshape the female, not male, body.
Tracy Anderson is a celebrity personal trainer best known for training the celebrity bodies of Nicole Richie, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, and most notably, Gwyneth Paltrow, who endorsed her method.
Some of her best selling DVD’s include Beginner Dance Aerobics, Dance Cardio II, Metamorphosis by Tracy Anderson and Her Perfect Design series. The Tracy Anderson method was based on her years of research on body shaping and weight loss.

Anderson favors dynamic cardio exercises over simpler exercises, such as running, which she says bulks the muscle.
Though she makes no promises you’ll lose a certain amount of weight, she does promise to make you super small, lean and toned. Women who want to get that coveted Hollywood, super-trim look will highly benefit from Tracy Anderson’s diet and exercise plan, however.
She is best known for her unique – and controversial approach to weight loss and exercise, emphasizing tone over bulk. She also emphasizes the importance of toning exercises, using light, three pound dumbbells and plenty of repetitions to rev up fat loss. Portions are very small, but designed to keep your tummy satisfied as you shed the needless fat and weight. She also dives you right into her toning program, starting you with at least an hour of heart-pumping exercise.

This program is ideal for the average woman who wants a petite, dancer-like body – not the woman who wants to bulk up.
She started her personal training career after gaining – and then losing weight as a professional dancer. Also included are dance-inspired moves and Pilates exercises, designed to get you at your leanest. To stay lean, Anderson emphasizes high repetitions and light weights to keep the muscles small, but firm and defined.

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