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Avocado, chicken and green beans: three delicate ingredients, all appropriate for a baby, starting from 6 months.
Only one note: if your baby has gas issues very often I would suggest not to offer him any beans (green beans included) until after 12 months when his digestive system will be more developed. Chicken is also known to have anti-inflammatory and immune system boosting properties, all good properties for babies too. The green beans + avocado + chicken baby food recipe is perfect also when you want to cook one meal for the whole family. I suggest not to freeze the avocado, but to add it at the very last moment when you are going to serve the puree’ to your baby.
I pick thick, firm ones at the farmers’ market, with a bright green color and without brown spots.

You can serve roasted chicken breast with green beans side to the adults and the baby puree to your little one ?? Same ingredients, same cooking process (just no salt added for the baby).
In addition to the texture, the nutritional value of the avocado makes it very appropriate for babies.
I know that all these labels can be confusing and redundant and I found that the best way to buy is to trust who you are buying from. Either a grocery store chain or a local store or a local farmer (farmers’ markets are a great way to really know the producers).
In addition to that I really like avocados because, like bananas, they are easy to transport, easy to store and you do NOT need to cook them!!!! That’s why I recommend to puree’ the green beans very well with the hand blended or food processor or mixer.

Food is a passion for me and allowing my kids to love, appreciate and enjoy good and healthy food is my goal. If you are not satisfied by the final consistency you can always mash the puree’ through a strainer in order to remove any green beans “skin” residual.

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