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Taking pleasure in what we eat is not a luxury – it is a necessity in order to feel satisfied by a meal. This is what I have done in this dish, combining something sweet (chestnuts + raisins), salty (salt + capers), sour (apple cider vinegar), umami (olive oil, onion, dried tomatoes) and bitter (endives + ground cumin). Chop the leeks all the ingredients and combine in a bowl – find out how to clean and chop leeks here. Making your own chocolate is a healthier and more delicious alternative to store-bought chocolate. By using minimal heat to make the chocolate, you preserve all the nutrients found in raw cacao powder. Raw cacao has one of the highest antioxidant levels of any food and is also a good source of magnesium, iron, zinc and more. Pour the mix into silicone moulds or anything made of paper – you can use cupcake papers as well. You can add anything you want to your chocolate such as essential oils  like mint or lavender, lemon, lime or orange zest, rose water, nuts, coconut, grilled sesame seeds, goji berries or anything else you fancy. I buy coconut sugar from Sagana, a Swiss-based company that works directly with farmers in the Philippines to provide a fair livelihood.
I want to share something really simple that just might transform your experience of your next meal. It’s that burst of taste and pleasure that comes across most strongly from the first bite of food but that we are often too distracted to truly notice.
So one way to avoid overeating or cravings is to simply start by really being present for that first bite of food.
You do not need to eat the whole meal like this – simply try to remember to bring your full attention to that crucial first bite. And if you would like more simple, actionable steps to more mindful eating like this one, check out my online Mindful Eating Experiment!
This is the perfect recipe to try the First Bite Experience with because sweet potatoes, when you really taste them, have a very satisfying sweet taste.
Green vegetable of your choice – here I added some steamed broccoli as a side to make a more complete meal but you can also add a handful of spinach leaves or chopped kale at the end and simply stir through to wilt the leaves slightly. You can make more in quantity and leave them to cool, then wrap them in the baking sheet and put them in the fridge to use over up to 3 days.
Add the sweet potato and heat through for 2-3 minutes, stirring constantly to coat the potatoes with the onion, garlic and turmeric. You can serve this dish immediately with the sweet potato still warm or you can serve it cold. One of my favorite Christmas specialities growing up was gingerbread and yet I have always found it challenging to make myself.
So I experimented with different versions of this recipes, using different proportions of flour and water and adding almond butter for a creamier taste. 125g chestnut flour  – you can buy chestnut flour in any organic store or online in Switzerland here or here. This makes a bigger quantity that you can store in a jar and add to anything from soups to smoothies to yoghurt. Mix all the dry ingredients then add the wet ingredients and mix really well so there are no lumps. I find that one of the most beautiful things in life is enjoying seasonal foods – foods I can only find during a certain time of year or that my body mostly wants during this time. The smell of freshly roasted chestnuts wafting in the cool, crisp air in the street, buying chestnuts and warming my hands with them – oh how I love this nut!
Yes, chestnut is actually a nut but unlike other nuts, it is very low in fat and protein and very high in starch.
This recipe uses chestnut flour – a gluten free flour made from dried, milled chestnuts that is also naturally sweet. Place the raisins or chopped dried figs in 350 ml of water and leave them to soak as you prepare the rest of the recipe.
A few months ago, I discovered I was sensitive to dairy, soy and gluten and I have completely taken them out of my diet for now. Unfortunately, Geneva has not yet discovered almond milk lattes, so sheer desperation forced me to create a way to make them at home in just a few minutes.
Like the iced coffee here, my Almond Spice Latte uses a lazy version of almond milk made by blending almond butter made only from ground almonds with water. A better alternative is of course, natural, full-fat plain yoghurt without added sugars or artificial sweeteners.
OR if you want a completely dairy free alternative which is a meal in itself yet tastes surprisingly similar to raspberry yoghurt, try Legend(non)-dairy Raspberry Yoghurt!
Legend(non)-dairy Raspberry Yoghurt is creamy thanks to the soaked, uncooked buckwheat and hemp seeds. And because of the mix of healthy fats, protein and fiber – it is filling enough to be a meal in itself. You can buy buckwheat in most supermarkets and also use it cooked as an alternative to rice or quinoa. The other ingredient in this recipe is hemp seeds, which I wrote about here. You can find them in most organic stores, just make sure you buy them raw and unshelled for this recipe. The next morning, rinse the buckwheat and figs and wash well before putting them in a blender or food processor with the rest of the ingredients.
For the lemon, you can either use the juice or if your blender can handle it, wash an organic lemon well and put half of it whole it the mix. I spent an amazing week last week at the Association for Contextual Behavioral Science (ACBS) World Conference in Berlin, learning more about the form of psychotherapy I use in my sessions, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). Yes, hemp seeds ARE related to marijuana as their name suggests, but they contain virtually no trace of the psychoactive ingredient! They are one of the best plant sources of protein, containing all the essential amino acids we need. You can buy hemp seeds in most organic stores, just make sure you buy them raw and unshelled for this recipe. Hemp seeds have a rich nutty flavor and slight crunch and can add a milky consistency when blended with water, in a smoothie for example. Here are a few photos my favorite part of Berlin – Ampelman (the cute traffic light man) + a few photos of the awesome people I met there.
It was only when I started reducing my dairy consumption and getting over my fear of fats that I discovered nut and seed butters made simply from a nut or seed that has been ground into a creamy paste.
This took about 10 minutes, with time needed to stop and scrape down the sides – although the length of time will depend on your food processor. I use nut and seed butters in many different ways as they are a tasty way to add healthy fats and protein. As a sweet spread mixed with a little sweetener and spices or cacao as in this recipe or in this chunky Nutella spread. Use them instead of oil to make a salad dressing: Simply mix with water and add lemon, salt and pepper or other spices. Add a spoonful to porridge to make it more creamy (instead of milk) or mix a little with water in a bowl and stir well to make a crude nut or seed milk for muesli. I also make a lazy almond milk with just almond butter and water blended together in this iced coffee recipe.
A baked sweet potato with a little nut or seed butter and berries makes a very satisfying and filling breakfast.
Put about 250 grams or 1 cup of raw, unsalted, organic sunflower seeds onto a tray and toast them in the oven until they are crunchy and lightly browned – about 30 minutes. Like I mentioned earlier, when you seed your seeds looking like this, it really is a question of trust! After about 10-15 minutes, all of a sudden your seeds turn into a beautiful spread that looks like this.
I am not sure where this idea came from but I suddenly thought: What about a healthier Nutella in cookie form? I like to use as few ingredients as possible in my cooking and baking, the ultimate achievement being my one ingredient wonders.

While experimenting with this recipe, I came across a discovery: The sweetener I used affected how liquid the result was and I could use this to my advantage! Measure 2 cups or 300g hazelnuts and place on a tray in the oven for about 20 minutes or until they are evenly roasted. Remove from the oven and rub the hazelnuts between your hands to remove any loose skins. Continue grinding the hazelnuts until they become liquid, then add 3 tbsp coconut sweetener, 3 tbsp cacao and a pinch of salt.
The texture of the coconut sweetener will allow the spread to stay liquid so no need to add anything else! Try to snack only when you are truly physically hungry, rather than as a habit or excuse to take a break. I wrote more about how often to eat based on my own experience here in case you are curious (hint: I usually prefer eating consistent meals and try to avoid snacking)! Cottage cheese with chopped herbs like chives or chopped fruit like apple or pineapple or even berries for a little more taste. Chickpea croutons are a super easy snack to make when you want something crispy – and you can add any spices you want to them. Hard-boiled egg – you can actually make these in advance and keep them in the fridge to use over several days. Whole grain crackers (like brown rice) with avocado, cottage cheese, hummus or nut butter spread on top.
Chia pudding such as this recipe which you can make a big batch of and keep in the fridge over several days.
Make your own trail mix by combining your choice of nuts, seeds and dried fruits and putting them in small bags or Tupperwares. Carrot or celery sticks, apple, pear or banana pieces with spread such as almond butter, tahini or peanut butter. Would I make something special for him? Something with carrots (of course) and healthy enough so he wouldn’t end up looking like Santa Claus but still tasty enough to be more exciting than a carrot with a ribbon. So because the Easter Bunny asked, I was compelled to create this delicious, decadent-tasting cake that takes only minutes to make and contains wholesome Easter Bunny-approved ingredients. Combine all the ingredients in a food processor or blender and blend until the mixture is smooth. Newly opened to tourism, Myanmar is still largely unspoiled and this is particularly evident in the people we talked to who were all very curious and genuinely warm – I have included some photos at the end of this post. Food-wise, we very much enjoyed eating lots and lots of vegetables, mostly in curries, stir-fries and noodle soups. So here is my first attempt at re-creating a taste of my holiday: A noodle soup that is vegan, soy-free and gluten-free, made with black rice noodles. The recipe is very versatile, so feel free to leave out the lemongrass or one of the garnishes and to use different vegetables.
Once the vegetables are cooked and the coconut milk is warm, add the vegetables to the coconut milk and add salt, chili flakes and juice of 1-2 limes to taste.
Garnish bowls with scallions (green onions), coriander leaves and roasted chickpeas without any spice added (recipe below) for some added protein.
Bircher muesli or simply Bircher as it is called in the French part of Switzerland where I have lived for the past 16 years, is a breakfast of oats soaked in milk, yoghurt, fruits, nuts and seeds. Bircher muesli was invented by a Swiss doctor called Maximilian Bircher-Benner as a way of helping the patients at his sanatorium in Zurich heal through the power of soaked cereal, fruits, and raw nuts and seeds.
Without a doubt, one of the most pleasurable aspects of exploring Middle Eastern culture is the cuisine. Aleppo Cuisine is characterized by the diversity of dishes and multi- fed by inherent good taste. Samantha’s Journey to Becoming a Bikini Fitness Competitor: 6 Weeks Out & her 1st Experience on Stage!
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You can always substitute any of these food with something else from the same taste profile. If you are adding a leafy green, add it when serving rather than storing it with the other ingredients as it will wilt. This will prevent any one taste from dominating and will allow all the tastes to harmoniously come together. Seriously, you won’t want to go back to store-bought chocolate after being able to make your own so quickly and easily! Once you have created this base, you can customize it with any taste you want – or just eat it plain to get all the taste of the cacao. The chocolates can then be removed from the forms and stored in a sealed container in the fridge. Even if you are eating with other people, you can still be attentive to the first bite you take – although you might not want to close your eyes for it! Place on a baking sheet in the oven and roast for 30-45 minutes, depending on the size of the potato. Add the Feta or olives and green leafy vegetable if you are using and stir until the mixture is heated through.
I finally created a healthier gingerbread recipe that is super quick and easy to make and tastes amazing! And even though I don’t like labels, technically this gingerbread is paleo, vegan and delicious, with very little sugar. Earlier this year, I discovered Chestnut Flour Bread, and this made me think – why not create something similar using chestnut flour for gingerbread? As the days start getting cooler and crisper and darker, my body starts wanting warm, nourishing foods like soups and stews and roasted vegetables. This makes it more similar to potatoes or rice or wheat in taste in taste and texture and also the way it can be used. It also has an alkaline effect on the body which is very beneficial as most of us tend to eat too much acidic food.
She mentioned she had made a bread that was very quick to make and naturally gluten-free using chestnut flour.
Sweetened with only raisins or dried figs, we don’t actually need to add any sweetener. If you are using silicone, you don’t need to grease your pan but if you are using tin or glass you do. Creamy, sweet with that little bit of tartness…You also masquerade really well as a health food.
Fruit yoghurt or yoghurt drinks or shots often contain artificial coloring, a high quantity of sugar or artificial sweeteners and thickeners like gelatin, corn starch, milk protein concentrate.
It is super versatile as you will see from this recipe, and doesn’t actually have to be cooked. As I was away for the week and am currently on a strict elimination diet (more on that soon), I knew I needed something to keep me going in case I couldn’t eat certain meals or just needed a snack. Made with just dates, hemp seeds and coconut and then individually wrapped, they are practical, filling and delicious.
They also contain both omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids and are a good source of magnesium and potassium.
They are actually one of my favorite superfoods as they are super versatile – you can add them to soups, salads, pesto, risotto, smoothies, in baking etc and easily boost nutrition without changing the taste much.
Dates are a dried fruit, so the sugar in them is completely natural and they also contain minerals and vitamins such as iron, potassium, calcium, manganese, copper and dietary fiber. Make sure you have a good food processor (S-blade) to grind dates into a paste as they can get stuck in blenders.
The healthiest kinds have only one ingredient – the nut or seed, without added salt, sugar or oils. I started by toasting the sunflower seeds to bring out their taste and make them easier to digest. When you see how your nuts or seeds are being ground, it is hard to believe they could ever become a creamy paste. The healthy fat actually makes it easier for the body to absorb nutrients from the fruits and vegetables.
Store your toasted sunflower seed butter in a jar in the fridge and enjoy over the next few weeks! An adult version without the milkiness, but with the combination of hazelnuts and chocolate?

So here are two variations to this recipe: The healthier Nutella in a cookie recipe using maple syrup and a chunky spread using coconut sweetener that is even simpler to make than my original Healthtella recipe. And because they are made up of 60 – 70% oil, when you whizz them in a food processor for just a minute or two, they quickly turn into a beautiful, creamy spread which is the base for both recipes. Coconut sweetener is a low-glycemic, lower fructose alternative to sugar that can be replaced 1:1 in a recipe, making it very easy to use when you need a non-liquid sweetener.
This should take about 1-2 minutes and you may need to stop and scrape down the sides a few times. Place them in a food processor and pulse only  a few times so you have bigger pieces. Remove a few tablespoons of these hazelnuts and place aside.
Here are some savoury and sweet snacks that all have a good mix of healthy fats, protein and carbohydrates to fill you up and keep you satisfied until your next meal! If you are eating consistent, satisfying meals, you should be able to last 4-6 hours between meals. Fermented food is great for balancing the bacteria in our gut and it can even help curb sugar cravings. Make your own nut butter or buy a brand that is made only of the nut, seed or peanut without anything added (no salt, oil or sugar). Jealous because at Christmas, children leave cookies out for Santa Claus when he brings presents.
A double-layered cheesecake style cake with a layer of carrot deliciousness on the bottom and a lighter, cashew cream layer on top.
Cardamon is botanically related to ginger and turmeric and I find the tastes are very complimentary.
The add the rest of the ingredients except the dates and figs in a powerful food processor and blend until the mixture is smooth. Scrape it out with a spatula and press it into a cake form, preferably a small springform pan. We hadn’t been to South East Asia in six years and so much has happened during these past years that in many ways, we felt we were discovering this region for the first time.
Because Myanmar has historically had a lot of contact with India (being neighbours and all!), chickpeas are part of the diet and are particularly used roasted to add crunch, texture and protein. This is an easy way to cook the vegetables by steaming them, which allows you to preserve the nutrients. We crossed paths while on a trek with the guide in the photo below – she was alone with her water buffalos, carrying her bottle of green tea. It is made in advance and kept in the fridge to be eaten over several days, making it a quick and convenient breakfast food. This might sound obvious to our modern ears, but was revolutionary at the end of the 19th century when meat, potatoes and white bread were the norm. Today, I’m sharing some beautiful, healthy and yummy lunch box ideas from around the web.
For example, if you don’t like chestnuts, you can leave them out and add more raisins.
Cacao butter melts at about 32 degrees Celsius and nutrients are preserved up until 48 degrees Celsius. If you lightly toast the pumpkin seeds, this also makes them more umami and lends a more enticing texture. You will know it’s done when a knife or fork can easily pierce the skin and the center is soft. If you are using silicone, you don’t need to grease your pan but if you are using tin or glass you do. This is traditionally made to be only about 1 cm high and it won’t rise so don’t over fill your baking form! You can also make a plainer version with just the almond butter, water and coffee or even replace the water for almond milk.
I usually buy these ones – you can use code WIV403 to get $5-10 off your first order. My recent discovery is that coconut and vanilla are a match made in tropical heaven – you have to try it to believe me!
The nutrient density of hemp seeds has classified them as superfoods – even though there is no scientifically agreed upon term for this. I usually buy these ones – you can use code WIV403 to get $5-10 off your first order.
Yet beyond hummus, I never thought of using it or any other nut or seed butter for anything else.
Yet in the kitchen as in life, we sometimes simply need to trust that we are exactly where we need to be – or in this case that your sunflower seeds are on the path to becoming a creamy spread. To start with, only pulse the hazelnuts a few times so that they are ground but not too finely.
You can make you own or buy fermented sauerkraut – just make sure it is raw + unpasteurized. He was chocolated-out with all his deliveries which he admitted he might occasionally sample. And also free of gluten, dairy and refined sugar (because they have no room in a health-conscious rabbit’s diet). This raw carrot cake is perfect to balance the chocolatey decadence of Easter or any other time of the year, really.
The lemon in the cashew cream brings a zest and lightness that compliments the earthy sweetness of the carrots and the magic of the spices.
Then add in the dates and figs one by one through the feeding tube while the food processor is still running. You can then store it in the fridge for a softer consistency or a keep it in the freezer for a harder consistency.
I recently discovered chickpea croutons (recipe below) and thought this could be a great way of adding non-animal protein to the soup without using tofu which I try to limit as it can have a hormonal effect on the body. The garnish at the end of lime, coriander and chili flakes also add a taste I find reminds me of this beautiful region. She proudly told us she was 65 and that she had so much energy because she ate rice three times a day…Not sure this is something I would recommend, but it clearly seems to work for her! While cooking your Middle Eastern food, you may come across some words that need translated. Preparing your own meals for on the go can be quite fun and rewarding, it also allows you to be in complete control of what you put into your body!
And what better way for them to party than by combining a food from all five tastes in one dish? If you don’t like endives, you can use kale or arugula instead which are also bitter.
The secret is to not fill the cake loaf beyond about 1 cm of batter so that it doesn’t fall apart. Once you have soaked everything in the evening, it takes only 5 minutes to blend everything in the morning and can keep for up to two days in the fridge. It is also rich in amino acids, including tryptophan – the precursor to serotonin, the feel good hormone. I use Sagana Coconut Sweetener as it is 100% natural while supporting sustainable rural community livelihoods in the Philippines. They will probably not be even so you will have some bigger pieces of hazelnuts than others which is fine. Knowing these common Arabic food words will be very helpful, especially if you intend to travel or even while shopping at a Middle Eastern grocery store.
And you can always adjust the proportions and seasonings to suit your taste, adding more or less sour for example, as taste is always individual. Try to give this first bite your full, undivided attention as if you were tasting this food for the first time.

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