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Recently, my best foodie friend and I headed out to a program sponsored by the Culinary Historians of Chicago about the history of Algerian pastries- a fascinating topic and one I couldn’t wait to learn more about. Rachel Finn, founder of Roots Cuisine, a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of Afrodescendent foodways, gave a talk about her experience with Algerian pastries in France. She talked a lot about the popularity of interest in the French for Algerian foods and pastries and went on to describe the natural, traditional and common ingredients found in many of them. After the lecture, my friend and I trekked across town to have a bit to eat at Pomera Bakery, one of the only Algerian places we know of in the city. While waiting, we found some interesting Algerian breads that were fresh out of the oven and still nice and soft. There were a few pastries, too, but it seems as though they sell fast- several people walked in just to order those and left quickly.
They even had smoothies, but I couldn’t imagine having enough room for that plus the huge sandwich and all the pastries Rachel Finn made and gave out as samples. This dish is traditionally cooked in Algeria for eating during Ramadan and on special ocassions.

I tend to play around with the recipe and change the fruit around and add a little extra liquid. Now we really loved this - but I do make lots of North African dishes with fruit - so I am very fond of the sweet flavour cutting through the spicy flavour.
Mix the semolina and salt together and stir in the olive oil until all the grains are coated. Knead the dough until it has a slight spring when pressed and leave covered for 30 minutes.
She talked about things like semolina, almonds, cakes, traditional sweets for Ramadan and ‘Eid and simply the way Algerians eat pastries and how that differs from Americans or even Europeans.
I was in the mood for merguez (North African sausage) so I ordered it on a sandwich, which was huge and since we were assured it was halal. This is just one of hundreds of variations of this recipe, I will post a few alternatives later.
I made this the other day and didn't care for it much but my brother in law LOVED it and so did my Moroccan friend who said it was like something her mum makes.

It was fascinating and yet there wasn’t nearly enough time to scratch the surface on this topic. Add the orange juice and mix well before serving (make sure you have a good mix of ingredients in each portion). The only other small change, was that I added a few chickpeas, which I had in the fridge - this really added a new dimension to this dish. To read more about Algerian pastries and Rachel Finn’s work, please¬†visit her website.

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