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After any satisfying meal, one thing that always tops of the meal that hits the spot is an after-dinner mint. This pie combines the flavor of chocolate in the crust with the cooling flavor of mint in the filling. This pie also has plenty of eye-appeal, with its pastel green color offsetting the dark chocolate crust. Daniel DedmonChapel Hill Baking ExaminerDaniel Dedmon is a private cooking instructor, free-lance caterer, and food historian. Eating an After Dinner Mint was definitely an adult treat and I felt like a total grown up being able to have one.

For my SABH contribution, I knew I had to combine the height of adult dinner party sophistication, After Dinner Mints, with the classic meringue dessert to make: After Dinner Mint Meringue Kisses.
Beat egg whites, sugar and peppermint essence, with an electric hand mixer for about 10 minutes, or until sugar is dissolved, the mixture has turned white and is fluffy.
I preferred the long thin After Dinner Mints, mainly so I could pretend it was a cigarette. After dinner mints are one of my favourite treats, and you have so cleverly turned them into a delicious meringue dessert. When I was a small person, I thought that After Dinner Mints were the height of sophistication.

If you can hold the bowl over the top of your head and not end up with meringue in your hair!
To achieve level 10 in this dish, you need 10 chocolate bars, 10 mint leaves, and 10 pinches of gold dust. You can also make a more traditional ganache filling.Store meringues in a glass or plastic container for 3-4 days.

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