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This 70s-themed restaurant (Korea's 70s, that is) rocks great food and casual drinking atmosphere. Our Christmas Eve dinner last December nostalgically brought us back in time to the 1970s where thick cream, hippy pants and side burns were as popular as vegan and organic diets are today.
Mysaucepan dug out some old crockery which have since been buried in our store room for that added effect.
As Mysaucepan sets the dinner table for our retro party tonight, I have put on a Foxtel recording of a 1970s disco classic, Saturday Night Fever.
The scene where John Travolta struts down a New York city street with his flare pants and 3-inch disco shoes is serious business and not one bit hilarious as what it now seems. And as the first of our dinner guests arrive, we share some nostalgic memories of food, fashion and seemingly silly things that we used to get up to those days. Fiona is her vibrant self as usual and I needed to put on my pair of aviator-style Ray Bans just to look at her colourful dress, let alone her electric blue-Pretty Woman hairstyle. As we sample some icy cold home beer that Eva has brought from her own brewery at home, the Bee Gees are belting out Stayin’ Alive and the mood of the party begins. What can be more retro that a 1970s setting complete with iconic attire, music and soon to be the classic dishes from that era.
I made sure that I had a bottle of the Mateus Rose in all its glory – that iconic bottle which I remember many a household used to collect as water tumblers for their fridge. Better still, the bottle was also a popular single candle-holder where candle wax would drip and harden all over its oval-shaped body and used as a proud decorative item in many living rooms around the world.
One of my absolute favourites is oysters mornay, where a healthy dallop of cream is mixed with cheddar and parmesan spooned over fresh oysters and grilled until the cheese is golden brown. The 1970s is big on cheese and heavy cream, but grilled cheese croutons will never go out of fashion in my humble opinion. A bottle of 2005 Marlborough Chardonnay is truly a beautiful drop with its buttery and oaky flavours. The one thing I never do is to buy strips of beef fillets from the butcher that is ready-made for stroganoff.
I find that cooking the sauce separately and then searing beautiful pieces of rib eye or scotch fillets to medium rare on a BBQ or skillet, resting and then slicing them just before serving sets this dish apart from having chewy strips of beef that has been stewed. A 2007 Clonakilla Shiraz with its bold and oaky finish becomes a beautiful complement to the beef stroganoff. For the white meat eaters tonight, the classic chicken Kiev holds its own with the crisp and crumbly crust while a herb butter stuffed within oozes its flavours onto the succulent meat.

I requested peach melba for dessert not that I would be crying foul if it didn’t happen. I was going to get Berri’s peaches in syrup this afternoon but the fresh peaches poached in the subtle cinnamon and star anise are delightful and tender. I should have eaten those velvety skins of the peaches when Mysaucepan was peeling them after being poached.
Tip:Use Pacific oysters because they are more plump and have more volume when grilled compared to Sydney Rock oysters.
4. Coat each roll thoroughly in flour, then egg, and finally in bread crumbs, ensuring everything is well coated.
Chicken Kiev is a great dish for non-red meat diets and it can also be accompanied by the stroganoff sauce. 3. To serve, place peach, a scoop of vanilla ice cream, drizzle syrup and sprinkle with amaretto biscuits. This entry was posted in Recipes, Seafood and tagged beef stroganoff, chicken a la king, oysters. All I ever experience these days is supposedly edgy red wine vinaigrette with shallots or some other sour concoction that would leave me rather having just  a squeeze of lemon juice and Tobasco on my fresh oysters. Butter, thyme, dry white wine and a dash of brandy in this soup, with its slithery soft ribbons of onions work wonders with the crispy cheese croutons. I am told the world is still debating as to its obvious origins from Russia as the name implies but some countries have ideas of their own. Charbroil or grill (radiant heat from top) in 200 degrees until cheese is golden brown and serve immediately.
Heat EVOO and butter in large stock pot until melted and slightly smoking then add the finely diced onions and a couple of teaspoons of salt.
Heat grill or oven to 200 degrees Celcius and toast the baguette sliced until slightly brown and crispy. Remove baguette slices from oven and generously sprinkle cheddar and parmesan cheese until the top surface area is covered.
Sautee onions in large stock pot with the EVOO until it is gently soft, then add capsicum a pinch of salt and the paprika. Turn down heat and gently stir in cream and Worchestershire sauce (and Dijon mustard) until it is blended with the vegetables. To make the herb butter, mix softened butter, herbs, garlic and lemon juice together in a small mixing bowl until combined.

Place a piece of butter towards one end of each breast and then roll the meat up tightly round the filling. Carefully add the rolls one at a time and fry for about 15 minutesa turning as to completely brown the rolls on all sides and cook throughout. We had a similar one a few years ago and it was so much fun listening to the music, dressing in the outfits (a leopard kaftan was my outfit) and eating the food. Spoon the mixture on a piece of plastic wrap and roll tightly into a log and refrigerate until hard. Remove the hardened filling from the refrigerator and slice into eight equal portions (each piece should be a little less long than the breast is wide).
Turn the heat back on and reduce the sugar syrup for another 15 minutes till thick and syrupy. Thanks for sharing your recipes – the Poached Peaches look absolutely delicious – I might just have to give them a go!
Click on themes for retro party ideas!Hope you have a fun and safe homecoming, let us know how it went and pictures would be super neat! Only two years in our schools history have the seniors not won and it was terrible cause they were show boats.
We need ideas for dress up days, lunch time activities, fun skits about our opponent, and float ideas. We are also in need of some good fund raising ideas to help us with goals we would like to achieve this year in our leadership class. Another day a soccer game, and another day the guys played volleyball and two girls coached it (so much fun!). This means the dress up days can be jungle day, Egyptian day, and we are also thinking of having like a though the decades day. Another one we had was Thug day where everyone dressed in baggy pants wore their biling everyone goes all out on this day! I have been a cheerleader my junior high school years, but this year is a whole big difference.

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