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Diabetes Disease OrganizationsMany organizations provide support to patients and medical professionals.
Healthful eating helps keep your blood glucose, also called blood sugar, in your target range.
For people taking certain diabetes medicines, following a schedule for meals, snacks, and physical activity is best. Talk with your diabetes teacher about how to make a meal plan that fits the way you usually eat, your daily routine, and your diabetes medicines. If your plan includes more than one serving at a meal, you can choose different starches or have several servings of one starch.
How many servings of grains, cereals, pasta, and starchy vegetables (starches) do you now eat each day? Eat fewer fried and high-fat starches such as regular tortilla chips and potato chips, french fries, pastries, or biscuits. Use low-fat or fat-free plain yogurt or fat-free sour cream instead of regular sour cream on a baked potato.
Use low-fat or fat-free substitutes such as low-fat mayonnaise or light margarine on bread, rolls, or toast. If your plan includes more than one serving at a meal, you can choose several types of vegetables or have two or three servings of one vegetable. If you do use a small amount of fat, use canola oil, olive oil, or soft margarines (liquid or tub types) instead of fat from meat, butter, or shortening. If your plan includes more than one serving at a meal, you can choose different types of fruit or have several servings of one fruit. Eat fruits raw or cooked, as juice with no sugar added, canned in their own juice, or dried. Save high-sugar and high-fat fruit desserts such as peach cobbler or cherry pie for special occasions. To add more flavor, use vinegars, lemon juice, soy sauce, salsa, ketchup, barbecue sauce, herbs, and spices.

Try having sugar-free popsicles, diet soda, fat-free ice cream or frozen yogurt, or sugar-free hot cocoa mix. When I started my very own Beachbody Challenge roughly 10 months ago, I started with a simple "google". If you are ready to get started on your own clean eating journey join me and I will walk you through the whole process. The 21 Day Fix Nutrition Guide  I had to wait forever for this little baby to get here!!!!
This simple chicken recipe takes little preparation time and is totally satisfying to eat.  I really honestly enjoyed this dinner!! Physical activity is an important part of staying healthy and controlling your blood glucose. Try pretzels, fat-free popcorn, baked tortilla chips or potato chips, baked potatoes, or low-fat muffins. If you have alcoholic drinks on an empty stomach, they can make your blood glucose level go too low. I found my coach is a clean eating expert and took everything that she had to teach me and soaked it all right up. As i'm planning out all my meals for the week I take a look at my calendar and look what I have going on.
Now that you have an idea of what you are going to eat through out the week plug it in to your menu plan. Once you have plugged in all your meals now it's time to make your grocery list of all the ingredients  for your meals. The diabetes target range is the blood glucose level suggested by diabetes experts for good health.
Eat more from the groups at the bottom of the pyramid, and less from the groups at the top.
I feel like I have hit the gold mine of all "diets" except get this this isn't really a restrictive diet you actually eat.

It's just a tablet that you can create on your computer and then make the amount of spaces needed. Can't stress this enough if you just wait to cook whatever then you are going to have a bigger chance of cheating because you are to the point where you are so hungry that nothing matters. The results from your blood glucose checks and your A1C test will tell you whether your diabetes care plan is working. If you want to have alcoholic drinks, talk with your doctor or diabetes teacher about how much to have. If you know that you are going to be out on the go pack a cooler and pack something that is easy to just eat and go.
Once you get that rotation it will make things so much easier but of course I get bored and am looking for new good clean eating meals. Some contain saturated fats, trans fats, and cholesterol that increase your risk of heart disease. The things that our world tells us is "healthy" "low fat" "sugar free" may be less in calories but have no real nutritional value and our high in other areas to pick up the slack for the "free" area. Most days that i'm running around I like to pack an apple and 100 calorie pack of all natural almonds or the dark chocolate flavored ones by Emerald or a packet of Shakeolgoy. Limiting these foods will help you lose weight and keep your blood glucose and blood fats under control.
Clean eating isn't a short term thing it's a life style change and it's something you truly can maintain. It may take you baby steps to get where I am right now but know that each little step is getting you closer in the right direction.

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