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3) Taquitos made with Gardein Scallopini (seasoned with smoked paprika, oregano and cumin) topped with cabbage, tomatoes and tofu sour cream with lemon.
7) I made a meatloaf made with Meat substitute, dressing, oatmeal, onion and 2 pkg italian dressing, along with tofu and walnuts smothered in ketcup and tomato soup.
8) Just whole wheat spaghetti with a cab sauv marinara, steamed organic green beans, and garlic bread made with earth balance…. 13) We created our own recipe, kind of a indian vegan curry with potatoes, garbanzo beans, carrots and peas…tons of spices.
14) Rice and beans (black, black-eyed pea and chick pea), with diced tomatoes, mushrooms and corn. 17) Romaine and baby spinach topped with salsa, black beans, avocado, and vegan sour cream. 22) My husband had a salad waiting on me when I came home though of spinach, carrots, black beans, peppers, walnuts, cranberries and chow mein noddles.
35) Homemade lentil and veggie soup, huge salad with maple toasted walnut and for dessert homemade mango sorbet made with my Vitamix!
41) Northern bean chili, sauteed Swiss chard and roasted tomato bruschetta on banquette slices!

45) Just finished a kale salad with homemade faux ranch, Homemade roasted tomato soup with bread and pesto spread and foux choco ice cream for dessert.
46) i don’t have a lot of time for cooking dinner, so i usually make miso soup with lots of bok choy, mushrooms, red bell pepper, ginger, cilantro, lime juice. 47) my awesome 12 year old daughter made veggie wraps for her and I with fresh, sweet, red peppers and baby spinach and roma tomatos–I also ate an avacado and we enjoyed some almonds !! 52) I had vegan mac ‘n’ cheese and then home made naam bread with veggie bologna and better than cream cheese YUM!
53) I’m making pinto beans with portabello mushrooms, tofuky Italian sausage, over brown rice.
58) Whipping up a Vegan Tri~Colored Pasta, Kale, Black Bean, Orange Bell & Avocado Salad!
59) Tofurkey Italian Sausages, sliced and browned lightly and then mixed with my homemade barbeque sauce, german potato salad with lots of onions and dried mint, and brown sugar glazed carrots.
60) Nissin’s Oriental Flavor Top Ramen without the MSG seasoning pack, but with yummy tofu, vegan teriyaki sauce & veggies instead.
The filling had sauteed vegetables – broccoli, mushrooms, yellow, red and orange peppers and baby spinach.

It was packed with baby bok choy, carrots, snow peas, and mushrooms-garnished with fresh cilantro.
Pasta salad is so easy to make and last for several days (I love making one big pot of something and eating it through the week adding things here and there). When I asked My Vegan Journal “fans” on facebook what was cookin, boy, did they have a LOT to say! I tell ya, there’s no shortage of creative & easy ways to whip up a yummy vegan meal! Hopefully all of these options will help inspire you to hop in that kitchen and get creative!

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