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Some say calories don't count during the holidays but I can tell from just one day of saying -- "oh,well" -- that, they do. I've linked with Follow Who Weekend Social give them a look,see may be a hop your interested in! The Okinawa-Diet food guide pyramid emphasizes eating healthy fat, calcium, flavonoid and omega-3 rich foods.
I would like to add sweet potatoe chips, handful of almonds, and oatmeal with some chocolate chips thrown in.

Use the Okinawa-Diet food pyramid to guide you in making healthy and nutritious food choices. Ok that last one should really be a breakfast but if its a small package of oatmeal it could be a snack too. A snack I've been loving lately is sliced tomato with salt and pepper on top of whole wheat crackers spread with Laughing Cow cheese!
You might be able to eat 3 square meals and never want a snack during the in-between or you may be one who needs 5 smalls meals throughout the day.

And now, the taste of those yummy treats are in my mind and therefore the craving for those foods is sure to creep up, in the days to come.

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