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Having done the same things to my 460cc scarabeo, I would suggest taking a look at the K and N Filter covers. With the 4 rollers, do you recall what engine RPM it jumped to at full throttle from standing start, or while cruising? We have been comparing with Maksor and BubbaJon the effect of weights, sliders and rollers, and fuzzy washer this way, and it has been the most reliable comparison to see what effect it has.
Filtering to front of traffic lights, me behind for all this time, I filtered up behind him. Taking off into a left hand turn (freeway offramp bridge traffic lights) I was able to nail it to WOT from the start and crank the big Fuoco over on its left.
I got anX9 Evolution 500 cheap as the standby spare with 460cc engine for either swapping or using to rid while repairing Fuoco.
I gave the X9 a service and modifications that took 4 months while I then got into bicycling seriously as my substitute for motorcycles.
Goes as hard with 16g sliders, fuzzy washer, pod filter and exhaust as I remember the Fuoco. No visibility of the pod filter, X9 has more fairing skirt hiding filter and muffler hanger bracket.

Pod filter that is hiding behind fairing.Quieter than Fuoco so didn't bother with the grey kart box. The Fuoco and X9 swingarms are different, Fuoco is better clearance with better sidestand providing protection and more clearance. Seems quieter than my LV pipe with baffle third cut to cancel the drone of the faux carbon can pod filter intake. OAD, with respect, unless Akra have listed it, or you've done it, you can't say it's exactly the same and it does mount exactly the same. I just looked to see what you're talking about, because I don't know why the Akrapovic was relevant.
The Akra pipe mount and the threaded bracket inserted into top strap hole of swingarm they show in installation instructions does not match angles on an X9 swingarm with X9 header, which is low dogs balls height, and and you can't fit Fuoco header to make it work. I have a slightly damaged inner side LV on the Fuoco (previous owner crash looks like the right spring made an impression on inner side).
Low and behold I end up with an X9 in the interim and as a spare engine, so I used the spare header to test fit on the X9 without touching the Fuoco. Someone may take Akra slip-on for an X9 even though it's not listed as compatible and make it work, but it would still be lower dogs balls.

I had a cover not unlike the red anodised looking one posted above and it was insufficient in heavy rain. Now have 5 new bicycles in use, two old ones shelved for spares, and 3 junked old ones saved from verge collection. Swingarm is poorer less clearance, protective by hitting ground instead of clearing ground and guarding cover and exhaust like Fuoco. Belt leather layer used as buffer to keep muffler vibration free off of the stock muffler cradle curve on swingarm.
Acceleration used to be mild and leisurely, now it's balls to the wall I'm going places in a hurry! Why did you choose not to weld it to the OEM muffler part so that the new one would fit in the swingarm recess and use the original strap bracket?
That made it easy to mount the pipe perfectly for fit to the swingarm and body, tack it, and complete the mid-pipe.

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