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Or…see what other classes we have coming up by clicking on the link below and get a discount for signing up for 3 or more and a bigger discount for 5 or more. Tags: dairy free recipes, Gluten Free Diet, gluten free recipes, heart healthy, Mexican food, raw food diet, raw food recipes, raw vegan tamales. Valentine’s day is a romantic occasion upon which we gift our loved ones with dairy and sugar-laden delicacies as an expression of our adoration.  Perhaps the bloating, fatigue, and weight gain that follow the consumption of these treats isn’t what we mean to give our honeys.  So, how else can you surprise your loved one with succulent sweets?  Try these special treats!
These Fudge Cherry Bursts are an explosion of juicy flavor housed in a moist and rich fudge brownie, coated in a thin layer of hard chocolate icing, and topped off with a dusting of finely ground coconut.  These mouthwatering delicacies are the perfect way to show someone you love them on Valentine’s day or any special occasion. So, if you still have a hankering for Valentine’s sweets, or you just want to show the special person in your life how much you love them, head to the kitchen and whip up some raw chocolate goodness! 1.      Thaw and drain cherries and place on mesh screen in dehydrator at 105 for 30 minutes. Put pecans on a non stick sheet in the dehydrator at 105 degrees for 12 hours or longer until crispy. Combine coconut meat, water, lemon juice, dates, salt, garlic and cayenne in a high speed blender until smooth being careful not to let it get warm. Going dairy-free is an excellent way to boost your energy and find a vibrant new zest for life!  It’s a great way to decrease health care costs as well. Finding a healthy and nourishing cheese substitute was pretty near impossible, until now!  You can learn to make your own cheese.  Your home-made, dairy-free cheese substitute will be complete with probiotics to support gut health and other nutrient dense ingredients that you wouldn’t find in those commercial options. You can enjoy sliceable, spreadable, and deliciously tangy cheese while empowering your immune system at the same time!
Our cheeses are made from raw nuts and seeds, probiotics, lemon juice, seasonings and binders such as Irish moss or psyllium husk.  They are wonderfully nutritious and tasty additions to any diet. These cheese substitutes are exquisitely beautiful and authentic!  I gave two types of cheese to my dear friend and colleague Dr.
It’s amazing to enjoy the tangy creaminess of cheese, while escaping the health issues associated with dairy products.  It is a wonderfully nutritious way to replenish your gut with probiotics! We are expecting this class to be one of our most popular so far.  If you cannot attend the class in person, please join us through webcast or watch the video afterwards!  It’s going to be exciting!

I promised in one of my last blog posts to provide the recipe for the Apple Ginger Pie that Dr. Place all ingredients in food processor fitted with S Blade and run until it just starts to hold together and the nuts are chopped finely. Process the apples, ginger and almonds until coarsely chopped, by hand or in a food processor.
Your taste buds will be dazzled and your guests will receive the comfort and nourishment that holiday food should provide!  I whipped up a wonderful Christmas dinner at my home and shared the meal with my family and my good friend and colleague Dr.
Asian restuarants  can be tricky if you’re on a gluten-free diet.   Soy sauce contains wheat and the well-meaning staff is often unaware that soy sauce is not a gluten free food. We’re including a recipe packet containing all the recipes we demonstrate, along with samples and hands on experience.
Now, typically, our omnivorous ‘normal’ North American devotes around 16 to 18 percent of daily calories to protein. Lets consider some vegan protein sources: a couple of tablespoons of peanut butter—8 grams protein. So often, when we talk about vegetarian and vegan lifestyles, in contrast with cooked-food omnivorous, ‘standard’ North American diets, we take the standard to be not only the statistical norm but presumptively as the right diet. Ritamarie Loscalzo for Christmas.  One was a block of spreadable cheese and another was firm and in the form of slices.  She ate them up on chia crackers sprinkled with sunflower sprouts! Ritamarie Loscalzo.  Even my mother and brother, who are not that familiar with raw food, really enjoyed the meal! The book features around 50 amazing and exotic dessert recipes that are pretty simple to create and friendly to your figure. When it comes to vegans, however, the ‘normal’ folk practically presume there’s no chance the vegan can muster enough protein in his diet. But you’d not be far off saying that a vegan typically needs about a gram of protein per kilogram of body weight per day in order to maintain her weight, neither bulking up nor skinnying down.
Depending upon gender, age, size, and other factors, something in the general range of 45 to 75 grams of protein a day is right for typical adult vegans.

Greens like spinach and kale are actually chock-full of protein and are the best protein for vegans.
But here again, we find a “normal diet” that’s over the top, and a vegan, or even better-raw vegan-alternative that gives us not maximum protein but optimal protein. Roughly speaking, that means a typical vegan should be taking about ten percent of her calories from protein. The essential thing for the vegan concerned about protein intake is to get lots of variety during the day. But how to get enough of these true superfoods into your body to also get the protein benefits? That might mean, say, about 300 calories a day in vegan protein for an adult male vegan, rather less for a typical woman. This way, even incomplete proteins, taken in varied combinations, can result in an effective daily intake of protein. Avocados, sprouted lentils, raw soaked cashews, almonds, pistachios, walnuts and filberts are all good raw vegan sources of protein. As well, there are special vegan protein bars and vegan protein shakes out there geared especially to those who don’t partake of any animal products. To the raw food vegan, these are anathema, largely, because of their being processed foods. But for those just transitioning from the standard American diet, even these can assist in varying a diet or moving toward higher standards.

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