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The cuisine of Switzerland is quite regional, it also is seasonal and makes the best use of the fresh produce available . In the southern, Italian speaking regions of Switzerland you will find that polenta is very popular, once considered a poor man’s meal, it is now a staple food of the area. The French regions, or Kantons,use a lot of cheeses in their dishes, along with cream for delicious sauces. Teigwaren (pasta) are especially good in Switzerland, and come in a huge variety of shapes, the supermarkets have whole rows full of varieties of the different teigwaren.
Muesli originated in Switzerland around 1900 by the Swiss physician Maximilian Bircher-Benner as a diet for his patients. There are quite a large selection of cured meats and sausages on offer in Switzerland which are not to be missed out on when visiting.
One of the most important days on the Swiss calander is the 1st August, Swiss National Day. Swiss wines – There are nearly 15,000 hectares of vineyards in Switzerland producing grapes for winemaking, these are mainly in the south and west of the country in the kantons of Geneva, Neuchatel, Ticino, Valais and Vaud. Swiss chocolate has an international reputation for exceptioal quality, and there are quite a few different brands to choose from. The wife and I regulary visit the continent, and have visited the stunning Italia, Italy three times before.
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The Food delights you can get in Switzerland are usually as splendid and varied as the of Switzerland’s people.
Moreover, food in Zurich and other Swiss tourism resorts are not tied to traditional Swiss delights.
Butter is mainly used for cooking because of it’s superior flavourairy products are used more freely than meat as cattle are reared for their milk, when they are too old for dairy use the meat is tough and stringy so it is then used in long, slow cooking or in producing sausages.

Rosti are cooked potatoes, grated and fried into round, flat potato cakes, sometimes small bits of smoked bacon and cooked into the rosti to add to the flavour.
The swiss make very clever use of hebs but do not overpower the food with them, lovage is used in soup making and gives a wonderful flavour to all sorts of soups, it is also great when placed in a pan of potatoes or vegetables to enhance the flavour.
Fondues have not lost their popularity in Switzerland and it makes for a great way to entertain guests without the hostess spending the night in and out of the kitchen worrying about the food, she is able to join in the fun. Landjager sausages are great for a tasty snack at any time of day or as part of a cold buffet, Landjagers contain beef and bacon, they are smoked and they last very well, ideal to keep in your pocket when going out walking.
Zopf brot is a speciality sweet bread in the form of a plait, this is often eaten on Sundays along with wonderful aromatic cups of coffee.There are many different types of Nusstorte (nut cake) the most famous one is probably from the Engadina in the Kanton of Graubunden, which uses walnuts, other regions use hazelnuts or chestnuts in various forms of nut cakes. The Swiss eat, per capita, the most chocolate in the world, but fortunatly for the rest of the world some does get exported thus allowing others to sample the delights of chocolates such as Lindt, Suchard,Nestle and Tobler, amongst others. Season and mix together, then spread over a large (30cm long x 4cm deep) buttered baking dish. It’s available in most large supermarkets, but if you can’t get hold of it, you could make this with gruyere, reblochon or taleggio instead. Food in Switzerland provides several styles together with thousands of fantastic places to eat in all the key urban centers and towns of Switzerland. Cuisine from all around the world can be bought in Switzerland, for example Asian, Indian, Middle Eastern, and other international tastes. Polenta is an ideal accompaniament to rich stews, although with meat being very expensive in Switzerland it is not normally eaten every day.
A mixture of about three different varieties of cheeses is mixed with a little kirschwasser and the melted mixture is placed over a burner to keep hot, chunks of bread are dipped into the cheese and eaten, to add to the fun if a man drops his bread from his fork he has to buy the next bottle of wine, if a lady drops her bread she forfeits a kiss!
Muesli is a great source of nutrients, helps lower cholesterol and fulfills the daily fibre requirements, so all in all it makes for a very healthy meal,and has become popular in other countries since the 1960s. Communities all over Switzerland, and also the Swiss abroad, come together on this special day to celebrate with bratwurst, potato salad and often strawberry tartlets(red and white), and as darkness falls the fireworks begin,Music is played and children parade through the streets with lanterns decorated with the swiss flag. Swiss wines are a well kept secret less than 2% of the wine produced is exported, the rest is consumed within Switzerland, so make sure to sample some of the very fine wines whilst you are there. The Swiss have been producing chocolate for many years, so no wonder they are so good at it.

Again the seasonal vegetables and fruits play a major part in everyday dishes, many people grow their own vegetables if they have the space to do so, and fruit trees are everywhere.
These cakes are often decorated with marzipan carrots.Rich chocolate cake,Schokolade Kuchen, is another favourite, smothered with dark chocolate and decorated with white chocolate mmmmmmmmmmm! Remove the foil, sprinkle a little more paprika over the top and cook for a further 20 mins until the cheese is golden brown. Like the rest of Switzerland, this region makes good use of seasonal vegetables, salads and fruits, and the warm climate of the region provides many varieties throughout the summer and autumn. Bundnerfleisch is one of Switzerlands best known cured meats, air-cured high quality beef, pressed into a square shape.
All these cakes and cookies are ideal partners with the delicious cups of coffee you are served throughout Switzerland. Swiss chard is a very versatile vegetable and is also very hardy making it possible to enjoy for most of the year.
There are opportunities for visitors, who are interested in how cheese is made, to experience Swiss exhibition dairies. The Cervelat (Cervelas- French or Servelat-Italian), is known as the national sausage of Switzerland and it would be difficult to find anywhere in Switzerland without a Cervelat to hand.
The traditional way to serve a Cervelat is to make two slits at each end of the sausage before cooking it and let the ends fan out.The Saucisson vaudois made in the Kanton of Vaud, is a speciality pork sausage which goes through a slow smoking process. This sausage needs not only a long time to be made but also a long time to gently cook-about 60 mins-and then a further  resting time of about 10 mins, this is all worthwhile when you finnally get to eat it, traditionally it is served withpotatoes, leeks, sauerkraut or beans. Galler Kalbsbratwurst are traditional Veal bratwurst from St.Gallen and has been traced back as far as 1438. It has a softer texture than most other forms of bratwurst and the white colour comes from the milk that is part of the recipe.The last sausage we will mention here, for now, is the Salsiz sausage from Grisons the home of Heidi!

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